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Comment Re:I already see this happening (Score -1, Offtopic) 180

Last night I was spending some time at my friends place. We have a long history raiding together in WoW - he always takes care of me, kills enemies that try to approach me from behind and heals me when I'm on the verge of dieing. He is a person that one might call a "good friend". If he would be a girl, I would marry her. But no patches and no new content in WoW has hit it somewhat. We've already done everything, we've already seen everything and we've already experienced everything together. While waiting for the new expansion, it was time to go test a new Game.

As we left all the possible MMO's to download, we figured it was time to go get a pizza. Truth to be told, we were quite hungry at that point. While walking towards the pizza place, I was just thinking about all the delicious ingredients I could choose from. Should I take a crusty hawaiian style pizza with ham and pineapples, dipped in barbeque sauce and extra cheese and mayonnaise on top. Or would it be better to eat a large pizza with tenderly sliced onions, steak, pepper and mushroom with American cheese on top. Or go wild and order both of them.. I just had to make sure there would be enough room left for pancakes with strawberry jam afterwards as a dessert.

We made our orders and sat on the table to wait. I couldn't wait - two best large pizzas, some coca-cola and pancakes as a dessert. Then all the new MMO's to test. It was a happy day. I was happy.

As the cook brought us our pizzas, he told us there were minor changes on the ingredients as they were out on some. No biggie, I said and paid my pizzas and pancake. We walked back home and started this game called "Eve Online" to test it out, as it looked interesting. At this point, I was almost dieing in hunger. I opened my pizza box and to my surprise.. he had changed the barbeque sauce to mexican sauce! This is madness, I was yelling. But in the end, it was a great pizza, and I still had the another one too. All the crustiness, mayonnaise, cheese and fresh taste made up for it. And so did the pancakes with strawberry jam dessert.

Comment Re:Needs more controversy (Score 1, Interesting) 305

Adding made-up controversy to a technical tv program would be like baking a pizza in a french fries deep-frier. Result might taste great, but the pizza just doesn't fit in it.

This is why I like Man v. Food. No matter if you like sandwiches, hot dogs or hamburgers, I know there will never be anything as good food as hawaiian style pan pizza with barbeque sauce. But the show is entertaining, so I enjoy watching it, while knowing its not always technically correct.

In Naples we used to have these pizza baking competitions between my father and his cousins place next to us. They would give slices of pizzas to everyone walking past and ask which one is better. This usually ended up with them yelling at each other in their white cooking dresses, but more people gathered around to watch what was going on and because it was entertaining, they ended up ordering pizzas too. Win win for all, except for me who had to serve them as a little boy while I would wanted to be playing soccer with my friends.

Comment Re:IPv6 addresses are overly complex (Score 0) 283


I'm coming from year 4931 and using my time machine, I have traveled here to tell you that this url actually worked. We rolled out ipv6 four years ago.

Now where do I get those delicious Hawaiian pan pizzas... With ham, pineapples, bacon and salami.. With some BBQ sauce, mm..

Eat your delicious pizzas now, because when China soon takes over the world they will make pizza illegal.

See you in future!

Comment as a kid (Score 5, Funny) 325

Ah, memories from childhood. One day my friend told me he had found a kickass game from a BBS and asked if I wanted to go play it with him after school. He described it to me and I was already sold, but but... My mother Giovanna had told me to help my father at our family pizza place after school. Damn it!

School day became to end and I tried to consider my options, but there were none. I had to go help my papa make pizza. Frustraded, almost crying, I walked the streets of Naples back home. Every now and then I watched inside a window on the street and noticed someone playing on computer. I was thinking if that could be it, but I'd never know.

I decided to think for a moment. Like a good oven takes its time and peace to bake and finish a delicious pizza, my padre would wait for me. It was time to go see what the game was about.

And I was amazed. Great looking graphics, funny sounding man that I did not understand and girls with something on their chest that looked like doughnuts with a salami on top of it. It was truly marvelous.

While later serving customers at my fathers pizza place, I couldn't but think that I have to get a computer and this Duke Nukem 3D game. I mean, I loved baking pizza. But there is a time when a boy must choose between leisure and girls. But my father never got me a computer.

Like an overbaked pizza, my dreams were crushed when Duke Nukem Forever never came.

Comment Scary (Score -1, Offtopic) 56

While I think it's kind of scary, I'd say its a good progress. Lets imagine you're a troll hunter in World of Warcraft. Everyone knows your class sucks. But you still keep going and going and try to show people that you are the man. You finally find friends that take you in, but there's a major problem. Your pizza is coming in 20 minutes. You try to give reasons for delaying the raid, but you fail. People are angry at you. You fail. You should had been shitting fireballs and defending your friends, but instead you choose pizza. Which is, btw, a good choice. Who cannot love a ham, pepperoni, pineapple and bbq sauce pizza? The point here being, open source games are great.

Comment You get what you pay for (Score 0, Insightful) 253

It makes sense really.

If you want better service and better quality, you pay a little more. Those who dont, get the main product a little bit cheaper, but not with the extra services it comes with. You pay more to be a premium customer.

This is best illustrated with a good example; Everyone of us go for a pizza sometimes. Many of us go to where the pizza is cheap, even if you know it's not really the best you can get. But it's good enough. However some of us want to go for the extra mile and spend a few dollars more to get really quality service. In those cases you won't be hearing "we're out of ham" or "sorry, we don't serve barbeque sauce with our pizzas". Pay a little bit extra and you get the best service and best ingredients without hearing they don't have them. And the customer support is a lot better - there's no any angry fat italian cook looking and yelling at you and throwing you out of the pizza place if you don't celebrate his pizza's taste. Instead, there's naked ladies serving you the pizzas, lovely and peaceful italian music and live performance. And everyone smiles and as a result you will be happier than ever, and have enjoyed the best pizza in the world, filled with bacon, ham, pineapple and barbeque sauce.

You get what you pay for.

Comment Outrageous (Score 5, Insightful) 139

This is outrageous, and I have two examples why. First, protocols are like food recipes. The pizza you sell is yours, but the ingredients to make it is not. Here the protocol is your ham, pineapple, salami and shrimps on a barbeque sauce large size pan pizza. You have not stolen the app from your competitor, you're just making yours compatible with theirs. Like the third party IM clients can connect to MSN network. Secondly, how would any of those open source apps pay for the royalties? But maybe this is Microsoft's plan. Let me tell you what is happening here. Microsoft is paying for the local BBQ Sauce factory to include a license agreement before you can use their sauce in your pizzas. The license agreement says you are only allowed to use their BBQ sauce on Microsoft approved pizzas. And before you know, these pizzas will be degraded. Forget your ham, forget your pineapples, forget you bacon and forget your cheese. THIS is the pizza we offer, and this will be the pizza you like.

Comment The Possibilities (Score -1) 201

Imagine the possibilities. A rockin night out at a night club, some girl falls in love with you and later you give her the best sex she has ever had. You will not need to sneak out in morning; put on the invisibility cloak, kiss her tits a goodbye, and grab a slice of delicious hawaiian pizza with one beer from her refrigerator and just get home.

And like, what kind of a girl would have a fucking particle launcher next to her bed?

Comment Re:Have you guys ever... (Score 0) 560

Someone talking about ham? Here I am!

I love big fat pan-pizza with lots of crusty cheese filled with slices of ham, pineapple, shrimp and salami with BBQ sauce dropped in top of it. With a mountain dew on side and chocolate ice cream as dessert. And strawberries. And beer. And hookers.

I mean, big steak barbecued is great too. And so are hamburgers and hot dogs. But nothing can ever beat big fat pizza.

Mmmmm, I'm out to eat.

Comment I am scared. I am intrigued. (Score 1, Insightful) 820

The scientist raise a valid issue. This meat is from a artificial "muscle" that has never received any kind of exercise or strengthened itself. That is why it's not as steak, but I think it also affects taste of the meat too.

As a man who has run several pizzerias during my lenghty life, and as a man who respects a good steak, good bacon and good ham on a large pizza, I'm scared that this will replace the real meat at some point. This gives a stupid reason for Peta and other hippies to try to ban 'real' meat and put everybody to eat artificially produced meat.

Say goodbye to bacon pizzas, tasty and meaty hamburgers, hot dogs, a good grilled steak with french fries and most importantly, delicious food.

Comment This is how we did it in Naples (Score 4, Funny) 336

I spent my childhood living in Naples, Italy. The city and community was filled with competition. My dad owned his own pizza place next to his cousins pizza place. They were angry at each other, many times going to the street in their white cooking clothes and yelling at each other. Other one took off customers from the another. They could had sold many more delicious pizzas, but couldn't because there just wasn't enough customers. What I learned from it was that you need a clean playing field, so I moved to New York and started my pizza place on the fifth avenue. But competition came there too. Then I decided to become a pizza consultant and just make pizzas for the fun of it. I've never been happier.

What I'm saying here is that in the end customers won't get hit by competition. It will be bad for the pizza place owners, but there will always be pizzas for everyone. And they will be even more delicious, because the pizza place owners have to fight harder.

Comment It works with everything (Score 4, Funny) 115

People buy on special occasions. People buy even more when they know things will be cheap.

Let me give you an example.

If a pizza place advertisers for weeks that on this exact day all the pizzas will be just $2, and there will be hookers, and there will be free beer, and there will be rock music, people will come in and buy. And they will come in as a big crowd. So big that if everyone orders a combination of sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Capicola ham, julienne salami, Mozzarella cheese in BBQ sauce, there will not be enough for everyone. But the business will flower and they get great returns as so many people rush in.

This same thing happens everywhere, so why not online too?

Comment Re:Oh really? (Score -1, Offtopic) 227

In pizza business it's quite common thing to be nice towards your customers. If I get a copyright notice from MPAA after serving my customer a pizza, I wont just take that pizza away. He can continue eating it until court orders me to stop providing food for the guy. But even if I have to stop providing him food, I will continue providing him mountain dew. If the ISP is also a mobile phone operator and is ordered to cut the customer, it should only affect the service in question.

The thing is, I'm a common carrier when I'm delivering pizzas as a pizza delivery guy. It is not my responsibility to handle what the customer has ordered in his pizza. Yes, I hate mushrooms in pizza. I prefer bacon. I would even suggest ordering bacon with lots of cheese over mushrooms. But if thats what the customer wants, it is not my responsibility to interfere with that. Or even know what toppings he ordered.

When MPAA gets close to our pizza business, we WILL stand up and fight in court. We WILL defend our hungry customers. We WILL defend the freedom to eat pizza and drink mountain dew while raiding the latest badass boss in World of Warcraft. They aren't going to take our freedom away!

Comment Re:The best (Score 4, Funny) 376

Eh, in most european countries its fairly common to see 100 Mbps at home. And NAT and such isn't exactly CPU hungry, at least not in the 30-100 Mbps range.

What comes to the submitters question, you probably have old router (and it's D-Link too..)

For the most delicious router, choose Buffalo or Linksys. They are like the bacon, steak, onion, american cheese and pineapple pan pizza on a BBQ sauce - you just gotta love it.

Going to the internet without a good router is like taking a flight to Somalia and except you get a good service in their Pizza Hut. It might be good, it might even be delicious, but you aren't going to get ice cream as a dessert.

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