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Comment Ha on HP (Score 1) 153

For everytime I had to call for support, or try to use their itrc, or everytime I had to come up with a model number from a device that had 20 different numbers on it, none of them matching the format they expected, for everytime I had to deal with HPUX...serves them right.

Comment Re:Whoops (Score 1) 510

Not all schools have labs. With laptops and netbooks costing less than some textbooks, the schools realize why should they pay all the money for lab upkeep when it's easier just to push that out onto the students, charge them a fee and put some wifi in.

Comment Guess it depends on how old you are (Score 3, Insightful) 444

well...what languages you started with. Looking at that, the c++ based code is perfectly readable, but I can't make heads or tails of the other. In fact, reminds me of perl and objectiveC - just start hitting all those shifted characters - they each signify something special.

Am waiting for :
Draw Pacman;
Draw Ghosts;
Ghosts chase pacman;
Pacman follows joystick movement;

Comment Re:Microsoft helps the internet (Score 1) 302

AFAIK, no versions of DOS were written with TCP/IP. Version 3.1 had support for Microsoft Networks, and 4 or 5 ish you started to see some of the NDIS stuff. And lets not forget all the joyful NetBIOS stuff. However, it wasn't really until Winsock came out that there was any sort of TCP/IP support in MS products. Before that, there were a lot of shareware/freeware type implementations that you could use, with the packet driver interface becoming pretty popular. But all addon's.

DOS 3.1 and bulletin boards - if not earlier. And the only ports usually involved there were COM1, COM2, etc... not TCP/IP ports. Completely different beast and not related.

WfW was the first thing that MS had an addon for to do TCP/IP, and then Win95 shipped with it.

So yes, DOS and Windows up til 95 shipped without TCP/IP support, and din't monitor thie "myriad of ports" (65535 actually, and it's not like they are being created and added to - it's a 16bit unsigned int.

Why do I feel like I'm feeding trolls here?

Comment Re:Star Wars (Score 1) 1200

6 movies he was in. Speaking in each of them. may have not been what Luke was speaking, and the viewer couldn't understand him, but so what. Chewbacca could not be understand by the viewer either. Neither could Jar-Jar Binks.

Perhaps the people that made and programmed the astromech's could understand them as clear as day? They just didn't see the need for language packs. After all, they would have to support over 6 million language packs - Sure...English and Bocce may sell well, but the resources required to translate into so many languages would be a huge money sink. So, they speak astromech and that's it. :) - ah..."serious" discussions :)

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