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Comment Re:i'm skeptical of net neutrality (Score 1) 132

Unfortunately, I did not see the argument you first linked because you posted it after I made my comment. The second I did see, and I did not see that as a coherent argument as much as a link to another argument.

And again, you may have missed the point, which I only initially called you out on because you decided to make a comment that was irrelevant to the issue at hand. It does not matter whether it is Google or Bing, it matters that ISPs will make network upgrades in such a way that one may get an upper hand over another.

It has nothing to do with walled gardens, I only made my comment to show that you could have made a better argument against his actual point, not pick on him a small detail.

All that said, I am glad you have continued to clarify your point, even though I think you are not arguing on the point at hand.

Comment Re:i'm skeptical of net neutrality (Score 1) 132

I do believe sir, that you have missed the point of the grandparent post entirely. Be it Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, or whoever Comcast is "in bed with", the point is that actions such as delayed upgrades will favor one company over another, which is not neutral. The problem, then becomes, if the internet is to be regulated, how does one identify when such actions are intended, or benign. I see your many posts scattered across this article, and all of them are strongly anti-regulation, but you must make your argument in a coherent matter, not raising a red herring argument to any post you disagree with.

Comment Re:Just BSD everything, kthxbai (Score 1) 65

Unfortunately, nothing is that black and white in the world. Freedom does have a middle ground.

I have the freedom to drive a car. I do not have the freedom to drive a car on private property where I am not wanted, as doing so would infringe on the freedom of another to hold private property and keep it private. In the same way, those who write code have the freedom to keep their code private as they want.

It is a balancing act.

Tor Users Urged To Update After Security Breach 161

An anonymous reader writes "If you use Tor, you're cautioned to update now due to a security breach. In a message on the Tor mailing list dated Jan 20, 2010, Tor developer Roger Dingledine outlines the issue and why you should upgrade to Tor or now: 'In early January we discovered that two of the seven directory authorities were compromised (moria1 and gabelmoo), along with, a new server we'd recently set up to serve metrics data and graphs. The three servers have since been reinstalled with service migrated to other servers.' Tor users should visit the download page and update ASAP."

Using Outlook From Orbit 268

Pigskin-Referee writes with this excerpt from Office Watch: "On the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station they use Microsoft Outlook 2003, but not quite in the same way that us earthbound Earthlings do. The space shuttle Atlantis is orbiting the earth right now and the crew exchange emails with the ground a few times each day. Bandwidth is a constraint and you don't want the busy crewmembers bothered with spam or unnecessary messages so NASA has a special system in place. The crew use fairly standard laptops running Microsoft Outlook (currently Outlook 2003) with Exchange Server as the email host, but they don't link to the server using any of the standard methods."

Comment Re:Do power users abuse their IT knowledge? (Score 2, Informative) 460

Yes, but I must do so on port 21 as port 22 is blocked outright on the network.

FTP is left wide open because the IT department uses it for any sort of file transfer, as well as the fact that they heavily rely on Websense, and its default behaviour towards FTP is to allow all incoming and outgoing connections on that port.

Comment Re:Better Reporting On The Way. (Score 1) 57

I don't have a long-form birth certificate, so by your reasoning, I must not be a natural born U.S. citizen. Nevermind the fact that there are photographs from my birth showing I was born in a Florida hospital. Nevermind the fact my parents last left the country two years before I was born. Nevermind any other facts or evidence I can find. It's long-form birth certificate or nothing, isn't it?

I think you need to find a new battle to fight, because this one is dead. You can pull whatever reasoning you want out, but in the end, it's all just bloggers and "reporters" pulling out the same arguments over and over with their own opinion. Your basis of argument is a fallacy, please let it go.

USPTO Asking For Ideas To Enhance Patent Quality 42

dtmos writes "Tired of seeing poor-quality patents issued? Have a great way to solve the problem? Well, here's your chance to be part of the solution. The USPTO has issued a Request for Comments on Enhancement in the Quality of Patents (PDF), seeking public comment on ways to improve 'the process for obtaining the best prior art, preparation of the initial application, and examination and prosecution of the application.' Comments should be sent to by February 8, 2010."

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