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Hey... slashdot! I'm finally my own editor I guess. How cute, and at the same time empty! That's okay though. You the reader can't hate me if you don't exist! Yet! ;p

Comment Re:Broken cameras - digital cameras (Score 1) 183

I've been doing KAP for about 1.5 years using two different cameras, and I've never broken one. One of the main reasons is that I get a friend or two to help. The couple of times I've come close to damaging a camera happened in gusty wind when raising or lowering the rig, so that it was close to the ground. Having an assistant to either hold the kite or go grab the rig just as it gets within reach avoids problems like this. It also helps to make sure you use decent line that isn't likely to break on you!

Until recently people haven't tended to use digital cameras for KAP, partly because of price and partly because of shutter speed. Even with suspension rigs cameras do tend to bounce around a bit. I have seen a few recent articles with digital being used. The "cheap-ass" digital cameras are the one's least likely to be suited to KAP, unfortunately. I have a couple, and they both have fairly low resolution and require a lot of light.

As to flying height, the low lengths of stunt kites make for fairly boring shots, at least when you take a whole role of them. Higher shots are good, but at some point you have a hard time seeing the camera!

Some of my pics. More to come in about a week.

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