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Comment Calculus (Score -1) 389

I'm always amazed when I see such a fuss made over calculus in secondary school in the USA - it's completely standard here, even just for students taking "ordinary level" maths.
Back on topic though, I've never heard of this guy nor seen the film, I'm really curious to see it now. It's such a pity his hard work and dedication seems to have been undone afterwards. Education is so important.

Comment She wasn't... (Score -1) 709

...a Massachusetts teenager, she'd just moved over from Ireland. 2 of the charges were for statutory rape, another for threats with weapons. Not a lolol-facebook-online bullying situation as some seem to be suggesting.

Comment Re:Online banking? (Score -1) 462

I have to agree, this all seems like a non-issue. My login ID and pin AND password are enough to just view my accounts; if I wanted to make any external transactions I need this stupid little card reader machine (they post it out free to you) plus atm card to stick into it which generates some code I then need to enter on the site. I'm happy enough with that, it's all convoluted enough

Comment Re:Why not all electronic? No really, why not? (Score -1) 494

The only thing worse is the system for paying utilities, I have lived in 3 places only one of them actually had a system to automaticly withdrawn the exact amount I owed them each money. For the others I have to make to setup an automatic payment of what I guess it will be then once a year we reconsile. It is really going to suck this year because of the cold temperatures last summer and this winter.

Wha? All our utilities take direct debit where I live...

Comment Re:Checks (Score 0, Informative) 494

What if I want to give someone money when I don't have an Internet connection? (Similarly with a wire - I can't believe that the OP of this thread thinks going into a bank is easier than just writing out a cheque, although maybe these things have different names in the UK to the US?) Or what if I don't have the security keypad device thing that my bank requires me to use? Or I don't have access to the strong passwords on me at that moment? What if the bank introduces new security measures, and you can't access the website until then (yes, mad as it sounds, Barclays pulled this one on me, when they started requiring the aforementioned keypad device things). What if the website's "down for maintenance"?

You use telephone banking.

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