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Comment Re:Oooh Goodie! (Score 1) 119

yep thats the end game for Gove the reintroduction of grammar schools kids and dumping of working class kids in dead end secondary moderns - not going to be popular when Tory voters when there average kids don't make the cut though - which is one of the reasons the Tories introduced comprehensives in the firstplace.

Comment Not True (Score 4, Interesting) 467

One of the reasons the Unionized Uk telephone system was modernized (well ahead on the US i might add) with no labour disputes was that all the M&P grades who developed the new technology where union members.
The CEO of one of the smaller uk telcos was even an activist in his younger days and I know that a CTO of one of the global telecoms companys was a member of my branch :-)

Comment Re:That is true of all cheap 3D Printers (Score 1) 185

And presumably have an alarm? At my first place (on campus at CIT) we had a large experimental rig that used freon as the working fluid we had separate alarms for fire and freon release and two sets of firemans breathing gear at the lab entrance) that we had people trained in so that in the case of a leak they could go in and rescue people.

Comment got a couple of decades and alot of money. (Score 1) 146

If you think you can replace pr software like Solidworks or Pro/E or MATLAB by getting "industry organizations commission high-quality software" cheaply you obviously have no idea what is involved.

My first job was at just such a place for CFD you think will be cheap - we spent the cost of a small house on a single bit of HP instrumentation gear (this is before they sucked)

Comment Re:For years... (Score 1) 305

This is what I was told at British telecom back in the late 90's going through the board for promotion at SE there where approximately 20 or so promotions from se to senior se every 18 months of so in a division that had 60k employees - brutal competition.

I was told by a senior guy that passing the paper sift stage meant that you could do the job technically the board (interview) was to work out the 20 or so of the 400 or so who made it through the paper sift.

Took me 3 goes to pass but there was no role for me that year :-(

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