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Comment got a couple of decades and alot of money. (Score 1) 146

If you think you can replace pr software like Solidworks or Pro/E or MATLAB by getting "industry organizations commission high-quality software" cheaply you obviously have no idea what is involved.

My first job was at just such a place for CFD you think will be cheap - we spent the cost of a small house on a single bit of HP instrumentation gear (this is before they sucked)

Comment Re:For years... (Score 1) 305

This is what I was told at British telecom back in the late 90's going through the board for promotion at SE there where approximately 20 or so promotions from se to senior se every 18 months of so in a division that had 60k employees - brutal competition.

I was told by a senior guy that passing the paper sift stage meant that you could do the job technically the board (interview) was to work out the 20 or so of the 400 or so who made it through the paper sift.

Took me 3 goes to pass but there was no role for me that year :-(

Submission + - What Charles G. Koch can teach us about campaign finance data (sunlightfoundation.com)

Lasrick writes: Lee Drutman is a political scientist with the Sunlight Foundation who does terrific work. In this article, he attempts to trace campaign donations made by one of the Koch Brothers and discovers just how difficult it is to do: "The case of Charles G. Koch is a nice lesson in just how hard it is to determine who is breaking and who is abiding by campaign finance limits. It’s hard to make accurate tallies of individual aggregate campaign contributions when the Federal Elections Commission doesn’t require donors to have a unique ID, and when campaigns don’t always reliably report donor names. Given this, it is unclear how the FEC would even enforce its own aggregate limit rules. The FEC’s spokesperson told me that while the FEC welcomes complaints, it does not typically take enforcement initiative.: Really interesting read.

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