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Comment Re:MN-Presidential wasn't why I voted (Score 1) 821

Good luck. Our Republican state legislature figured out a way to get our anti-gay-rights amendment on the ballot during the primaries which a) have notoriously low voter turnout and b) didn't have a Democratic race for president, further limiting the liberal vote. It probably didn't make a huge difference in the end, but it shows the lengths conservatives will go to in order to shove their morals down everyone else's throats.

Comment Re:Funny business across the country (Score 1) 821

If you can find some links that show Republicans up to shenanigans by all means post them.

I'm too bored to do much digging, but I read this one about an hour ago. That said, maybe it isn't being perpetrated by R ... maybe a D is behind it in an effort to make it look like an R.

In either case, there's lots of shenanigans going on by both major parties. Don't act so surprised.

Comment Re:I think we all know how to solve this problem.. (Score 1) 886

Now TELL me why I want to leave for your pathetic 2 year contract?

I do ERP architecture and development work ... Most of the recruiters that contact me are looking for 6 months or less. One even sent me a position that was LISTED as a 20 day contract 1500 miles from my home. I don't even respond to those.

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