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Comment Re:I am planning to move to NC (Score 1, Informative) 1167

I'll admit it ... I voted for her in 2008. Won't make that mistake again in 2014.

That bill doesn't impact me; I'm salaried and already classified as Exempt. But I know a lot of hourly folks, both full-time (like help desk, etc.) and consultants that this would negatively impact.

Comment Re:Daily user thanks Bram (Score 1) 271

I use it on every system I work on... It's my standard editor on Windows XP (gvim anyway), Cygwin under WXP, Solaris, and Mac OSX. I don't use linux often any more, but it was my default editor then as well.

I've had co-workers laugh at me when I'm at the keyboard using an IDE and start typing jjjjjjjjjjjj.

Comment Re:Thanks for all the Fish Wrapper (Score 2) 1521

This post really takes me back those 14 years to grad school... like the parent, I found out about /. in the pre-user account days when another grad student in my office kept talking about the site. Again, like the parent, I didn't actually register early enough for a cool UID, but low-5 digits is close enough to old school for this story to bring a single tear to my eye.

Times, they are a changing, and I for one am not too sure I like where they are headed.

Bon voyage, Rob, and indeed, thanks for all the fish wrapper.


Missouri Law Says Students, Teachers Can't Be Facebook Friends 415

An anonymous reader writes "Teachers can be friendly with their students, but they can't be their friends, at least when it comes to social networks such as Facebook. State Governor Jay Nixon has signed Senate Bill 54, which goes into effect on August 28, 2011 in the state of Missouri. In other words, later this month it will be illegal for students and teachers to be friends online."

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