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Comment Don't forget the post-election attacks (Score 1, Interesting) 292

In fact, the November 15th United Airlines was a cyber attack. This was a retaliation for the severing of Russian civilian satellite control. In turn, that was a U.S. attack intended to silence Russian ( claims that the Petraeus scandal was the fall-out of a barely-discovered voting fraud "coup attempt," and that President Obama and Defense Secretary Panetta had fled the United States to Asia immediately after the coup was discovered.

Comment I would say everyone has missed the real point... (Score 1) 82

The purpose of this connector is to allow the connection of signal-processing co-processors. Two-dimensional video signal processing, similar to that sold at much cost by Texas Memory Systems, is greatly useful to Facebook, Google+, and all other cloud properties which track identity by facial recognition.

The image-processing algorithms are not as easily distributed as the search indexing. An approach which cuts through the problems at much better cost is the dedicated image processing SIMD pipeline style of processor.

In other words, the purpose of Mezzanine connectors is so that you can have a motherboard with, e.g., two AMD processors on it. You can then add your choice of accelerator via the Mezznine:
*A 2-d signal (image) processor
*A video compression/decompression accelerator
*A SHA256 / bitcoin collision accelerator ASIC
*An extremely high-bandwidth interface for a data acquisition peripheral

The purpose of Mezzanine connections has historically been just this: to provide heterogenous processor expansion to a motherboard.

Comment The Actual Real Issue (Score 1, Interesting) 311

Is tracking software -- the kind users install named "Find My iPhone" or "Find My Android." In anticipation of the day when their device may be stolen or lost.

Here in Seattle, WA, the police are also responding to a great surge in these theft calls. The reason is simple: if they do not respond, the owner might take the law into his or her own hands (or the hands of their posse, in some cases). The police would rather intervene and not have people get into such risky situations.

Otherwise, the usual response to property crime of such a low value would be to take a report and move on. A detective would not be assigned to a lost $600 item. A recovery would not occur. The stolen item would be gone.

With owner-installed Find My [Property] using GPS + Cloud applications, law enforcement is being moved into a citizen-responsive mode. The "dispatching detectives" are the citizen running a web app, reporting the location of the stolen item. The radio transmission relays some information along the lines of, "victim has tracked the item to a particular building and believes he can hear it ringing upon his command." And the police units are on the way post haste to intervene on that potential scenario.

The same is happening with Android, but to a reduced extent. Some cheap-o Android devices are no doubt not tracked. Possibly the user experience for person who lose their smart phone is discrepant between platforms.

At least one moving "stolen" phone I heard a report of turned out to be in the back seat of a taxi. That is where it had been lost the night before. There were multiple police chasing the location reports around while the citizen in the GPS-web loop called the moves... Eventually the taxi they were following became apparent and the case was solved.

Meanwhile, if I lost a Fluke Scopemeter (hypothetical possession; please send me one), I would be out a $2400 portable meter. It does not have a Find My Flukemeter that I could otherwise use to pursue asset using dynamics.

If the robbery was an armed robbery and the victim can identify the suspect later, the police are proactive in using the same tracking software to collar the perpetrator for the major crime.

Comment The GPL allows them to charge the $4, as I read it (Score 3, Insightful) 371

I thought you could charge any amount you want for distribution -- that you aren't limited to covering costs of the media, but you are actually allowed to make money for the "support" you provide by compiling the open source into a binary. However small that support may be, the GPL v2 does allow a company to carve out a small branded zone here. Providing binaries in the Google Play market is a valid thing to charge a little money for, and make a little money on

I also thought that whenever a binary is made available, the source code had to be made available. I thought it was this source code distribution which must be performed for the media cost (GPL v2 coming from a day when tapes were occassionally still considered a possible choice of distribution medium).

What this would mean, to me, is that DOSBox Turbo should be making the source code freely available. Then the market will decide if $3.99 is too much to bear for the product they provide -- some service in compiling the binary, and a brand.

Submission + - Judgement Day: Call for a Ban on Killer Robots (

DavidGilbert99 writes: "Judgement Day was meant to happen on August 29, 1997. At 2.14am Eastern Time, the machines were meant to become self-aware and launch a nuclear strike against Russia, thus triggering a global nuclear war and the beginning of the end of the human race.

This is course never happened, because the Terminator and Skynet were only horrifying visions of the future as dreamed up by James Cameron in his 1984 film.

However a real judgement day may not be that far off as governments around the world pour billions of pounds into the development of autonomous weapons systems which are slowly but surely taking control from the hands of humans.

Playing the role of Sarah Connor and attempting to warn the world of impending doom is Human Rights Watch (HRW), which has just released a report called Losing Humanity — The Case against Killer Robots."

Submission + - Google Maps Offering Indoor Floor Plans On Desktop

An anonymous reader writes: Google has been making modifications to its mobile-based Google Maps feature with regular updates, offering a host of options for users. Nonetheless, the company hasn’t forgotten about the desktop version of the feature and now, per reports, Google has announced the introduction of indoor maps support for the desktop version of the Maps.

Submission + - Windows 8 Registration and Increased Spam 1

Teufelhunden25 writes: I am wondering if others who may have installed Windows 8 have noticed an increase in the amount of spam they're receiving. During the Windows 8 registration, like an idiot I guess, I gave one of my primary email addresses. Since that time, the amount of spam I have gotten has increased significantly.

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