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Comment Re:SCO / Groklaw (Score 1) 208

Groklaw merely reported what SCOX did. One of the main reasons SCOX lost was because GL kept exposing their lies to the cold light of analysis and logic. If that hadn't happened, it's quite possible that SCOX may even have got away with some or all of their extortion scam. Instead of that, SCOX is dead, and GL is archived at the Library of Congress. And, if you are unhappy with lots of discussion and dissection of this news here, why did *you* contribute to it?

Comment Do Astrolabe know that M$ ships TZ in windoze? (Score 1) 433

I found this page, and just checked in a copy of windows7. MS ship the entire TZ database in the registry of every copy of windows....... Which points to a registry key....... HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones And that has the TZ values in plain text..... Astrolbae should take on M$.

Comment So, why not release for Android? (Score 2) 258

Does this guy really expect to be taken seriously? He claims that iPhone is more secure than Android, and they still launched for iPhone???? I bet they're hoping that WIndoze Phone 7 gets some sales(however unlikely that seems right now), so they can scare the victims into buying their security app for that. I reckon that they are starting to see the end for windoze and the demise of their dismal, unnecessary businesses, so they're trying to scare up business elsewhere.

Submission + - Windows Phone 7 using "excessive" data (

phands writes: A few users are complaining that Windows Phone 7 is eating data plans alive. One user estimates IDLE data usage at 3 — 5 Mb per hour. Not good for a phone which seems to be struggling against Android and iPhone.

Submission + - Microsft Kin phone sales look to be 500 units. (

phands writes: It looks like sales of Microsoft's Kin phone have failed totally — a maximum of 500 units have gone off the shelves, according to This is somewhat corroborated by Amazon's US sales ranking, where Kin comes in at #30, but with the price discounted from $349.99 to $0.01. Yes, that's 1 cent.! Amazon's page is here...... How VERY embarrassing — reduced by 100%..... >> Microsoft KIN ONE Windows Phone (Verizon Wireless) by Microsoft 5.0 out of 5 stars (1 customer review) In Stock List Price: $349.99 Price: $0.01 You Save: $349.98 (100%) Of course, this could be an error on Amazon's part, but.........

Comment Re:Unbiased this will not be. (Score 1) 159

Unbiased you are not. Clearly you don't understand what Groklaw is all about, and why stuff like this *MUST* be made public. Groklaw has credibility because it posts truths, uncomfortable or not, and keeps all the shenanigans public. No wonder the malodorous M$ hate it, as does the crew behind the SCO$cam extortion attempt.
The Courts

Groklaw Putting Comes v. Microsoft Docs Online 159

An anonymous reader writes "PJ of Groklaw is working on putting the documents from Comes v. Microsoft online, to make them searchable and accessible to everyone. If you don't remember their history, the plaintiffs got these documents from Microsoft during discovery after fighting the lawyers tooth and nail. After realizing how embarrassing the documents were to Microsoft, they put them online and later got a very large settlement from Microsoft by agreeing to take their website down. The web being what it is, these documents had already been mirrored and were later (legally) made available on the Pirate Bay. Now Groklaw has put them online and is looking for people to help transcribe them, so that documents like the infamous Evangelism is War presentation will not be forgotten."

Submission + - Steorn "relaunching" perpetual motion machine (

phands writes: The fine engineers at Steorn are pushing their Orbo "Over Unity" perpetual motion scam again. This time there are public demonstrations. I can't wait — in fact, as I'm very close to where they are demonstrating this, I will drop in and have an awestricken gander.

Google Analytics May Be Illegal In Germany 241

sopssa sends in a TechCrunch story that begins "Several federal and regional government officials in Germany are trying to put a ban on Google Analytics, the search giant's free software product that allows website owners and publishers to get detailed statistics about the number, whereabouts, and search behavior of their visitors (and much more)." Here's Google's translation of the article from Zeit Online (original in German). A German lawyer cited there says that penalties for websites that uses Google Analytics could amount to €50,000 (about $75,000). Reader sopssa adds, "The amount of data Google collects from everywhere on the Internet is indeed huge, and website owners should be using a local open source alternative to keep visitor data private."

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