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Comment Re:And so comes the market... (Score 1) 174

You're making a fallacious syllogism; life expectancy has increased due to better sanitation, improved medical techniques, and workplace security, not industrialization of food manufacturing. It may very well be, although difficult to prove, that we haven't reaped all the possible increase in life expectancy, because of the worsening quality of our food sources. As an European, my mind immediately goes to the obesity epidemic in the US...

Comment To all Apple bashers (Score 0) 230

You just don't get it and you never will.

You're geeks, these machines are not built for you and you will always react to your incapacity to understand them by disparaging those that use them.

I don't own an iPad and can't imagine getting one soon; it's just a matter of personal preference and priorities that's all. But I was shocked and I became aware of the importance of iPads to computing, when I saw a retired senior reading his stuff on a bus. The iPad broke a generational and social barrier that had resisted for 30 years: that computers were temperamental machines only for the initiated to understand.

So stop hating Apple and Jobs for making stuff that broke your bubble...

Comment Re:I hope you are joking and not just dim (Score 0) 493

Or maybe it comes from overly cautious management that - given the propensity to sue for anything these days - thought that installing this equipment would prevent future claims - and settlements - of knowingly exposing people to dangerous working conditions.

The ill-informed workers were probably voicing their concerns after seeing some pro-nuclear docu-ficion on FOX...

Comment Re:More fixing of things that weren't broken (Score 1) 125

Troll... ... or just in case you're not:

1. you never had to quickly restore a production DB by shoving the /var disk set into another server haven't you?
2. yen never had to painstakingly twiddle a broken server using statically linked /bin /sbin, binaries?

Kids these days, they think all there is to UNIX is a LAMP image on the Cloud...

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 374

Nope, wrong... and sir I'm getting pretty tired of the argument: "if it weren't for the alphas whose backs you're riding on, you'd be a bum", stop it.

#ows are not hypocrites and the whole thing is not about being commie or socialist or whatever... it's about cheating. 99% is tired of 1% welding their power to bend the friggin' rules and cheat, lie and brazenly get away with it.

It's about the dream of being able to work (hard) to actually improve one's living standards, rather than lose ground and be impoverished.

It's about the shame for the amount of exploitation that 99% ends up participating to, because 1% says so and profits from massively.

Comment Re:Whoever posted this "news" should be shot (Score 1) 270

What does having a public CVS got to do with "release early, release often"? Non sequitur, example: I can't recollect the last time this - admittedly visionary and at the time massively cool project - released:

You see, the whole point is whether you're wearing the OS badge for marketing reasons - to draw developer or user attention - or whether you really want to grow and thrive within a busy and healthy community. That's the only point really... you post your code online whatever the state (it was deemed good for binary release anyway wasn't it) because if there's a better way you'd better let it be seen by those that would know.

If you're afraid you can't confront turf wars and big egos with pure leadership and vision, you might as well keep it closed to begin with: the community is not a free ride on the Amazon Turk

Comment Re:Whoever posted this "news" should be shot (Score 1) 270

Yeah that's right, true... you stand correct!

Not even the GPL requires to maintain a VCS, it's just what you _normally_ do if and when you want to participate or run an Open Source community - besides, there's so many free infrastructure for this out there, there's no real excuse.

If you close the doors, maybe dump a tarball in an obscure FTP subfolder you're surely abiding to the word, but not the spirit. You can't give the finger to the community while calling yourself Open Source for marketing purposes. Although it's kind of fashionable these days...

Comment Re:Whoever posted this "news" should be shot (Score 3, Informative) 270

you don't "release the source code"... what you normally do is to maintain a certain kind of website, one that most often has an URL such as then you don't spend a single extra-minute to "release the source", you just use something called a tag. Here's the linky in case you can't google for it:

That's when you're talking about projects that are truly open source and don't call themselves that, just for marketing...

Comment Re:What's the alternative? (Score 1) 944

There's probably "professional" protesters there, and so what? We get massive daily doses of ultra-right propaganda blasting off from corporate media, a little dose of homegrown sedition won't hurt won't it... ... besides, except for the sometimes colorful outfits of the claques following this new trend, it's a good thing to go back to talking and discussing these matters among laymen. Until now we just sat paniked and shocked as the "markets" burnt through a couple generation's futures while the real "professionals" hoped to convince us that there wasn't anything to do except take the loss and suck it up... ... erhm, I've been very cautious with my investments, debts and career: I don't se why I should give up my future to pay for some creep's compulsive gambling syndrome ;)

Comment Advertisement WTF (Score 1) 133

I've been reading so many of these patently absurd patent stories, that adsense thinks I'm a troll myself! I wish I had a screen cap tool installed on this fondleslab but I got offered (oh, the audacity!) an ad to a Kentucky troll harvesting sleaze gang: "we provide the money to make the court system work for you"... What fuckers...

I'm not pasting the link but I'm tempted to read all about it, I'm really curious how these twisted greedy shmucks think...

Submission + - More trouble at Fukushima (

curious.corn writes: Molten rods have apparently made contact with underground water causing a hydrovolcano.

Lizard hit by ejecta mutated and is now ravaging Tokyo suburbs... GODZILLA!!

Err... ok, sorry for the crap joke. Anyway more shit happening...

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