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Comment Re:Bogus equivalence (Score 1) 51

It looks like that little part about checking their voting records and any other activities to see how it jibes with what they say, no matter how many millions they spend saying it, will keep on flying over your head. As long as money remains the principal marker to the voters, it's easy to predict how things will go.

I'm one to see more of the basic similarities than to dwell on inconsequential differences. I think you and Smitty are playing that Harpo mirror gag. You dance to the exact same tune, with the tiniest variation in the lyrics. Kinda the way Sonny and Cher sang to each other.

Comment Re:Well, of course! (Score 1) 22

Yes, faith is personal. The damn evangelists should learn to keep it that way.

Efforts to conflate Christianity and politics, with which history is replete, are just false.

You are wrong. History is replete because it is correct. It is pure politics, is are all organized religions. They are a business, with Wall Street investments, and government lobbyists.

Comment Re:Well, of course! (Score 1) 22

Not at all. Christianity (and including all the others, not singling anyone out), is an institution of man. And all of man's institutions are political, motivated by the same instincts that motivate everything else, acting in their own best interests. That is nature.

Comment Re:Well, of course! (Score 1) 22

"We" are born and die as individuals...

Yeah yeah, so is every bacteria in your gut. Being the dominant species has made you presumptuous and arrogant. You deny that which has created you and makes you what you are. Indeed, you are denying god.

Comment Re:Well, of course! (Score 1) 22

What about the last 5 years? The only thing different is that we are further down the same road we've been on since the beginning of time. We, including the high-priests of your favorite affiliation, are on biology's autopilot, so the next 3 or the next 3000 should actually look familiar as they roll by. Domination is hard wired.

Comment Re:Bogus equivalence (Score 1) 51

So, I guess the real story is that you choose to believe the politician when he makes promises he won't keep. He proved more than adequately that he was a team player on other actions he took before he became president. A normal person would take that as a hint, but bleary eyed hopefuls like you are what keep things as they are and the wealthiest of the wealthy in power. His wishes are best illustrated by his actions, not his words. As are yours when you vote for them. Your complaints are pure folly.. You're just poking people with a s(h)tick.

And I never saw Smitty say Obama was behind Occupy Wall Street. And with all their people in the president's cabinet, I doubt I would ever hear him say that. Right now he's busy with his obsession over Wilson, as if he were the original sinner. The both of you are very entertaining in your little circus here, but I just can't help throwing an occasional tomato from underneath the bleachers..

Comment Re:Well, of course! (Score 1) 22

No effort required. People are marking their territory and protecting their turf. It's a perfectly natural reaction to one's environment. It really is automatic, unconscious, instinctive. Don't read anything into it. And definitely don't single anyone out, unless you're just trolling your buddy there, as he is you...

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