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Comment Re:I Feel My Jesuit Relatives to be Somewhat Redee (Score 1) 8

One man, against all that wealth/power. Asking for a bit much, no? I don't see how he could survive any real attempt to correct that problem. Nobody ever has. The most it ever accomplishes is a shift. The finances will become more obscure and no less concentrated. It will take the backing of the entire Catholic clergy to make a dent, and they will have to do it in the absence of an easy to target leader.

Comment Re:You don't (Score 1) 174

If we are going to be in fishbowl, the big fish should also.

Apparently the mods disagree. They'd rather carry on with this little charade. They don't see that every anomaly and 'disturbance' is recorded and can be traced to a source. It is so naive to believe that there is any 'privacy'. The only argument left is what can be done with the info. Right now we give it too much power to too few people. So I'm always for those who can leak it all. Time for those who make the rules to feel the pain.

Comment You don't (Score 0) 174

It's over, Johnny. It's over...

What has to be done then, is the opposite. Deny privacy to everybody... Make the whole world completely and absolutely transparent. Make information worth nothing, where the main reaction is, "eh".. Just don't let anything be used against you. The word has no power, only the act.

Comment Re:The Pharisees were typical Statists (Score 1) 33

You pretend to have no idea who/what the state serves and refuse to address it. You pretend not to understand how all concentrated authority is the same corrupt institution, whether it's government, union, church, or corporate. All are merely competing interests. And they don't compete so much if their overall, collective power is threatened in any significant way. The goal amongst them all is identical. You are not for liberty. You are only taking an argument.

And you can spitball the Founders all you like, but they have at least set up a framework to make the individual the unit of analysis, not the godforsaken state.

You are consumed by idolatry (more of that Reagan thing). The founders were only setting up a framework of their own aristocracy, a power shift. Only certain individuals were allowed to join the club. You're not fooling anyone there. The 'minimal' bureaucracy imposed up on the rest was a nice benefit, but purely ancillary, and definitely pragmatic. Cost/benefit ratios were well understood back then also.

Comment Re:Obama is the conservative (Score 1) 84


That supposed to mean something? All those old dixiecrats have flipped over to the republicans, but are now more closely related to the tea party. All your 'charter' schools and 'correctional' system are the new gates of Jim Crow. And I'll believe that crap about social media having any ability to rock the boat when all the concentrated wealth/power is voted out for good. So far all indications are that Madison Ave. still has a firm grip on all media.

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