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Comment Re:Open source browsers? (Score 3, Interesting) 307

And if you think it's so easy to crack, then why do you care?

Because it gives the cops probable cause to bust down your door, shoot the dog, and steal your equipment under the mere suspicion there's something illegal going on. Then you are declared an unfit parent for child endangerment because the kids were there during the bust and could have been gravely injured, so the DFS comes and takes them away, and puts them into a foster home...

That's why I care...

And you?

Comment Re:Open source browsers? (Score 2) 307

I think it's time to look past the 'big players'. Make them not so big. First by reducing their political influence on technical standards *cough* Microsoft. We don't need 'standards' that cripple our machines. DRM killed the minidisc, which was otherwise a very good standard of the time. It may as well do the same to HTML5. All these things do is raise the bar of entry, protecting the 'big players'. So, fuck 'em. Let's make it easy for the small players to produce and distribute their work. The more the merrier.

Comment Re:Open source browsers? (Score 5, Insightful) 307

...content owners of the content you're willing to pay for will never publish on HTML5 unless they have some sort of DRM

Who cares? Fuck 'em. There are plenty of people who will publish without all that crap, and we can just stick with them. Besides, DRM is easy to crack, a snake oil sold by scammers. I have no sympathy for those stupid enough to buy it.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 162

The most fundamental problem is a basic failure to overcome conditioned reflex. It may not be possible, but we can't know until we try. This whole thing about 'campaign funding' is bullshit. And besides, if you can vote people in and out to correct that, then you've already solved the problem, and further discussion is unnecessary.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 162

The problem with elections is that the government always wins...

That's a reflection on us, not the government. Elections reveal how much we truly approve, nothing else, And I would say the present 98% is a pretty good number. You people will never learn how much power you have until you make the feeblest of effort to use it.

Comment Re:If (Score 1) 527

Is the situation really different anywhere else?

Of course not. Therefore we have to do this.

Pssst, hey, buddy.. Wanna buy a court order? I gotta million of 'em, right here in my pocket.. Waddya need? I got your restraining orders, discovery, wiretap, asset forfeiture, arrest warrants, you name it...

Comment Blame Bush? Nah... (Score 1) 10

We're blaming Wilson for everything now, aren't we? He did it! He privatized our money. He made it impossible for all subsequent generations to correct. The cause is in the past. The cure is in the future... You know, everything but the here and now.

All your "crises" are as phony as can be, designed to manipulate your commodities markets and pawn the minds of gen pop. You only need to swing it a couple of points to make billions of dollars while telling tales of eminent dooooom(!)

Comment Re:Remember all those times Bush blocked... (Score 1) 352

Well, nothing is going to change if you don't take the chance and vote for it, and vote them out if they fail. There is only one power that makes your (collectively, okay?) herd mentality work so well and dependably. It's "something you always have with you". Every damn complaint I hear is nothing but a bad reflection on the idea of majority rule. The fiddle and the player are reversed. Our votes reward corruption and punishes honesty. What do you expect from these people?? They are doing exactly what is expected of them.

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