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Comment Re:Remember all those times Bush blocked... (Score 1) 352

Well, nothing is going to change if you don't take the chance and vote for it, and vote them out if they fail. There is only one power that makes your (collectively, okay?) herd mentality work so well and dependably. It's "something you always have with you". Every damn complaint I hear is nothing but a bad reflection on the idea of majority rule. The fiddle and the player are reversed. Our votes reward corruption and punishes honesty. What do you expect from these people?? They are doing exactly what is expected of them.

Comment Re:How about a less biased view of the event? (Score 1) 13

WWII wasn't won in a single season. And the career minded bureaucrats that ran every war since then don't have a very good record. Hell, they did a lot to prolong WWII itself through their clumsiness and politics. Look, I fully understand your position. Self preservation runs strong, but you're taking this entirely personally. It's not personal, it's strictly business.

Comment Re:Remember all those times Bush blocked... (Score 1) 352

...under Bush...

Too young to remember Nixon, eh? If you took a little glance at history, you would see that this has been going on for 215 years. Are you people ever going to stop obsessing over Bush? Who the fuck cares? He was a mistake, our mistake. A mistake that was repeated with Obama. Don't blame other people for your failure to learn from those mistakes, which will be repeated for all the foreseeable future.

Comment Re:ya, the IRS site is up and running (Score 2) 565

Ah, but I do take responsibility for my vote. I encourage others to be careful also. I don't just follow the herd like those who reelect crooks because they look good on camera and make promises they have no intention of keeping.. It is WE the voters who are responsible. You cannot claim you are against something and then vote to keep it in place. Your post makes no sense.

Comment Re:Hope and change (Score 1) 330

Republicans are hired "red noses" to drive just enough people to the democrats (who play "rope-a-dope") to barely win or lose an election. It presents a nice moving target to prevent fixing blame on one or the other, and the illusion of opposition. Gene Okerlund and Ronny Piper (They Live is a documentary!!) should be calling the play-by-play. We reward this behavior with our votes. They drive the markets up and down a tiny bit with these little "crises", and their friends make billions overnight. What incentive is there for them to do anything different? What a great scam!

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