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Comment Re:That's pretty good (Score 1) 34

The "Revolution" did nothing to break the grip of power. It merely changed hands to another set of aristocrats, whose only real difference was a minor reduction in bureaucratic overhead. It was business as usual as soon as the contracts were signed. Allegiance to the motherland has not been severed.

Comment Re:Sadly, I'm beginning to be libertarian (Score 1) 28

My point, which continues to flow so freely over your pretty little head, is that there is NO difference amongst Hillary, Obama, Romney, McCain, Cruz, West, Rove, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Reagan, Roosevelt, Wilson, Caesar, etc etc etc etc... All are evangelizing that they are the lesser evil while being fed fed by the same wealth/power, and are thus inevitably beholden to it. People who spend their money expect results. Do you honestly believe that this dirty business and those that partake in it will be revealed at the dinner table? You are not supposed to give authority to people that want it. If you do, then you're a sucker.

Comment Re:That's pretty good (Score 1) 34

Tea Party... Just rename them the Koch Party, who want to return the country back to the 1850s. And do try to understand that the GOP and democrats are not in any opposition, most notably since the 1960s civil rights laws passed and the racist democrats switched over. Your continued bias in this regard does not go unnoticed. Pointing it out is definitely an exercise in futility, but what the hell... McCain and Romney were the real rodeo clowns, red noses and all, designed to scare people away from real alternative parties or individuals. They did a bang up job in keeping 98% of the voters in lockstep. This is what they were hired to do by your favorite industrialists and bankers that finance both factions. You are truly fogged over if you believe that politicians and their parties, funded by billionaires, can possibly bring about any reform to a system designed by their puppet masters. This includes the Greens and Libertarian Party. The wealth/power and the desire for it corrupts all.

Comment Re:Arguably the most (Score 1) 19

*sigh* Again the assumptions.

Eh, maybe you're too young to remember the single income family and a relatively prosperous middle class, all destroyed under Nixon and Reagan/Thatcher (their masters actually). The humor in your belief that the tea party is anti-Nixon hasn't gone over my head. You do indeed see everything upside down.

Comment Re:Sadly, I'm beginning to be libertarian (Score 1) 28

The tea party is funded by multi-billionaires. That is who they represent. They are a regular political party that is no more "reform-minded" than any of the worst democrat/republicans you can dredge up. Total hucksters who want you to pay to see the bearded lady. You will not achieve reform through people who want power/wealth. On the contrary, they want to fortify the privileges of their financiers. It is you who is incapable of thinking out of your cultural box, and essentially want the same thing. I have presented the solution of political conscription as a service, drawn by lots, whose only power is that of administering the day to day bureaucracy, meaning they do the paperwork, not us. No careers, no special privileges for them, in and out. And this has to go for the state and local levels also, any position that carries any authority. Run with it.

Comment What, you can't handle the truth? (Score 1) 6

Truly reform minded people are trying to prosecute the people who stole our pensions and put the money back, and they want to bring the troops home and stop the empire building and prosecute the people who send them out on their killing missions. They want to abolish prohibition, on ALL levels, federal, state, and local. They want equal treatment under the law, regardless of economic status, race, etc. and demand an end to privilege based on same. And yes, we want to replace "Obamacare" with medicare for all.

Your sincerity is not in doubt. Your judgement, on the other hand is based on false assumptions about the charismatics, whose spell you are currently under. You remain unaware of the consequences. Perhaps by choice, perhaps not. That depends on whether free will actually exists.

As to your desire for our untimely demise, I forgive you :-)

Comment Re:That's pretty good (Score 1) 34

They aren't reformers. You're falling for false prophets. And though there's little point in reminding you again and again, you continue to make false assumptions about my posts. To a reasonable person they don't even imply any such approval of the current, corrupt by design, systems of today. This is simply an ongoing method of distraction on your part.

Comment Re:Arguably the most (Score 1) 19

I've been in the room with actual Taliban.

Who merely suffer a lack of finesse. The goals are the same. Religious bigots want to take over the world. Been that way for what, 6, 10, 20 thousand years? Please, don't try to tell me it's any different now, even with your fancy new internet. It passes propaganda just as easily as real information, as your freeper/"truther" clone sites so outlandishly display.

Nope, the falsehoods are coming from the people speaking into your other ear, who have your *heart and mind*, not from me.

And I return the forgiveness, you know not what you're doing :-)

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