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Comment Re:Arguably the most (Score 1) 19

I've been in the room with actual Taliban.

Who merely suffer a lack of finesse. The goals are the same. Religious bigots want to take over the world. Been that way for what, 6, 10, 20 thousand years? Please, don't try to tell me it's any different now, even with your fancy new internet. It passes propaganda just as easily as real information, as your freeper/"truther" clone sites so outlandishly display.

Nope, the falsehoods are coming from the people speaking into your other ear, who have your *heart and mind*, not from me.

And I return the forgiveness, you know not what you're doing :-)

Comment Re:Sadly, I'm beginning to be libertarian (Score 1) 28

You are completely brainwashed by bigots, haters, and hypocrites, whose agenda is control, not liberation. They only want to limit government to do their bidding. They are the new KKK, not the new "jooz", as you like to put it. They are the persecutors pretending to be the persecuted, claiming they are under attack, when they are the attackers. They sell war, not prosperity. We remain hopeful that the changing demographic will bring about their demise. Unfortunately the replacement will be the same damn thing.

Comment Re:Hold the phone (Score 1) 11

I think the moral equivalency to draw is that between the abundance of government/commercial interests in these countries and this guy wanting to pass though on his trip to the same places. Why should he be treated any different than the banker going on a junket to visit the biggest harems? If the government wants a bit of consistency, then it should prohibit any American company from going there also. Most of their business is weapons, contraband, and money laundering anyway. That is what is propping up these tinpots.

Comment Re:Bribes (Score 2) 65

Wag the dog. Unseen brokers, consultants, and accountants that skim off money traveling both directions are who direct the action. Google leads the tech companies. Who spends the most overall?

Pharmaceuticals/Health Products...


Well... big surprise there.. Big year coming up for those dudes...

Spending your money on lobbying is perfectly fine, but fuck these politicians being a yes man to them. There's no extortion. Everybody's doing this crap by free choice with full 'consent of the governed'.

Comment Re:Sadly, I'm beginning to be libertarian (Score 1) 28

Well, it is pretty clear to the rest of the world that your tea party friends want a return to pre-civil war America with its abundant aristocracy of "southern gentlemen" and their property rights, and a "proper" demographic that ensures that the right people maintain their majority status. You definitely hang out with a weird crowd of what really are a bunch of carpetbaggers who want your (and ours) money.

I wonder if your opinion of Obama would change if you ever sat down to dinner with him... You can be sure he would be just as polite as your Alan West there.

Comment Re:Arguably the most (Score 1) 19

No, you're not seeing the dynamic at all if you keep on believing that the GOP and democrats are in opposition. They (and you) are servants to something much bigger that you refuse to acknowledge. Your so called "rebels" are nothing but a bunch of radical religious nutcases (such a shame to see you associate yourself with an American Taliban) and fool no one. Don't buy your goods from carpetbaggers.

Comment Re:Coming to a Soviet state near you (Score 1) 437

Most states require that you carry ID also, but an ID cannot be denied to you, even if you are a convicted felon. A passport, on the other hand, will become the preferred method of restricting travel. All the more reason the US is motivated to pump out as many felons as possible. If they can't lock them all up in their fancy private prisons, the lack of a passport will damn near put them under house arrest as the next best thing. The government acting this way doesn't bother me nearly as much as the public's acquiescence. Resistance is feeble to nonexistent.

Comment Re:Arguably the most (Score 1) 19

Legal?! Oh dear me, no no no... Simply uncouth. Exactly what you'd expect from a carny huckster. And he sounds like he's doing a floor show in The Birdcage. He's very good at what he does. In this business, bringing in the cash is all that counts. These people read spreadsheets, not law books. Why do you think Hillary and Obama are so.. "popular"?? Keep your eyes on the prize, and discover what animates this universe.

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