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Comment Re:Now, for the other angle, is this treason? (Score 1) 367

Snowden's leaks are a disaster for US, British, and who knows what other intelligence agencies.

Absolutely not true. It's a great opportunity to clean house, so to speak. 'Nonproductive' personnel will be thrown under the bus, and the agencies will be getting much bigger budgets, to... uh.. 'rebuild'.. yeah, that's it. To me, this whole affair is brilliant. You know, shake the trees occasionally.

Comment Re:How about no. (Score 1) 454

Lets just stay out of it.

Can't do that. Even if we don't need the resources, we can't let our 'adversaries' get their hands on them and grow stronger. We will leave the middle east the way Iraq left Kuwait in a trail of destruction. What the hell, it's not like we'll get our security deposit back. Make ' em start over.

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