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Submission + - Brains Grown in the Lab

fustakrakich writes: "It's a long way from conscience or awareness or responding to the outside world. There's always the SPECTRE of what the future might hold, but this is primitive territory."

Comment Re:An important fact was conveniently buried (Score 1) 21

Maybe the 'ends' aren't what they seem. You shouldn't expect people who created a racist system to even be able to correct it. They think just because slavery was officially abolished there is no more racism, when all that happened was it being shifted, or morphed into the 'corrections' system, for example. Again we must understand that those swimming in privilege will never even know, much less accept that they are. Any attempt to change that will always be framed as 'reverse racism' and 'affirmative action'. It is impossible for them to ever know systematic disenfranchisement when the good life is handed to them on a silver platter.

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