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Comment Re:Hollywood airheads (Score 1) 21

Everything you know is based on a press release. And you're still not making sense. You are the proverbial 'conspiracy theorist', looking for things that aren't there, and missing the things that are. It can only lead me to believe you're not interested anything that is not framed by your narrative. My aim is to find out if it's intentional or not, conscious or subconscious, free will or biologically determined. Your ongoing defensiveness throughout and avoidance of direct wording has been most enlightening.

Comment Re:Complete fraud (Score 1) 30

*Everyone*... How perfectly revealing... truly classic.

Ladies and gentlemen. You are seeing, in profound glory, how people try and fail to hide the power of their own subconscious, even from themselves. You are seeing the deep power of culture, and the high drama that comes from the attempt to obscure it. You can actually see the science of psychology spelled out most clearly.

And pudge, thank you for being such a good specimen. There's a Nobel Prize waiting for the guy who does the best writeup.

Comment Re:Hollywood airheads (Score 1) 21

No, it's not the least bit curious. Why suck the well dry so fast when you can use somebody else's? You're only proving your lack of understanding. Actually you display a fear of being too revealing. What you are trying to hide I do not know, but underneath all your stuttering there is a most profound answer. But it has to come from you, so that maybe you might reveal it to yourself. You know, make yourself consciously aware...

I'll ask again, in case you forgot the question, and for the benefit of the viewing audience:

What is there, with all the conspiracy theories running through your head right now, that makes Hollywood any different from any other big, successful business? A single word can answer that very simple question.

Comment Re:Complete fraud (Score 1) 30

:-) AHA! Thank you! You just proved you are full of it. As we all know, nothing needs to be said. It is well understood who specifically benefits from 'local' governance. And we don't have to mention who you prefer to dominate. History has already told us. That is also well understood. Your refusal to answer is all the answer we could possibly ask for. The code was broken a long time ago.

Comment Re:Hollywood airheads (Score 1) 21

How does Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" square with your theory, then?

What bloody theory?? Contracts were signed. The ebb and flow of payables and receivables was maintained for the duration of the project. People were hired and fired. As far as I know, everybody got paid. Over 600 million big ones changed hands so far. What else is there? How does Brooks' "The Producers" square with your 'theory', whatever it may be? And what is all that gibberish in the rest of your post? The question I originally posed to you could not have been simpler.. I don't understand your reluctance to provide a simple direct answer.. What is it you are trying to say with such difficulty?

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