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Comment Re:Hey, man (Score 1) 13

Or are you going to go all damn_registrars on me, and tell me I don't know what my tongue is doing?

Well, that is the part you play on Slashdot.

The Question is not whether you know Christ enough. It is whether you serve Christ or Empire. You cannot serve both...

Comment Re:News For Nerds (Score 2) 406

How the bullshit flows so freely. Instead of condemning the temptress, people have to learn how to resist. Fuck the money. It is a non-issue. It is the voters who sell their votes for the bling and the false promises, hoping for a piece of the pie. They are the only ones to blame. They are the ones who reward corruption.

Comment Re:Credibility gap (Score 2) 280

None of that matters one bit. It will change nothing, and democrats and republicans will continue to dominate. Not without the electorate's approval, of course. People were actually pissed about Watergate and Vietnam and the FBI, and it changed nothing then either. The "outrage" is nothing but farting into the wind.

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