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Comment Re:News For Nerds (Score 2) 406

How the bullshit flows so freely. Instead of condemning the temptress, people have to learn how to resist. Fuck the money. It is a non-issue. It is the voters who sell their votes for the bling and the false promises, hoping for a piece of the pie. They are the only ones to blame. They are the ones who reward corruption.

Comment Re:Credibility gap (Score 2) 280

None of that matters one bit. It will change nothing, and democrats and republicans will continue to dominate. Not without the electorate's approval, of course. People were actually pissed about Watergate and Vietnam and the FBI, and it changed nothing then either. The "outrage" is nothing but farting into the wind.

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 1) 14

Patent laws and "standards", that are a result of industry pressure, designed to eliminate competition. A government can only acquiesce to them if it wants to stay in business. Otherwise an opposition is created, funded, and put in place through rigged elections or military coup to do their dirty business. As always power is derived from wealth, and wealth comes from the power to steal.

Comment Re:That's pretty good (Score 1) 34

The "Revolution" did nothing to break the grip of power. It merely changed hands to another set of aristocrats, whose only real difference was a minor reduction in bureaucratic overhead. It was business as usual as soon as the contracts were signed. Allegiance to the motherland has not been severed.

Comment Re:Sadly, I'm beginning to be libertarian (Score 1) 28

My point, which continues to flow so freely over your pretty little head, is that there is NO difference amongst Hillary, Obama, Romney, McCain, Cruz, West, Rove, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Reagan, Roosevelt, Wilson, Caesar, etc etc etc etc... All are evangelizing that they are the lesser evil while being fed fed by the same wealth/power, and are thus inevitably beholden to it. People who spend their money expect results. Do you honestly believe that this dirty business and those that partake in it will be revealed at the dinner table? You are not supposed to give authority to people that want it. If you do, then you're a sucker.

Comment Re:That's pretty good (Score 1) 34

Tea Party... Just rename them the Koch Party, who want to return the country back to the 1850s. And do try to understand that the GOP and democrats are not in any opposition, most notably since the 1960s civil rights laws passed and the racist democrats switched over. Your continued bias in this regard does not go unnoticed. Pointing it out is definitely an exercise in futility, but what the hell... McCain and Romney were the real rodeo clowns, red noses and all, designed to scare people away from real alternative parties or individuals. They did a bang up job in keeping 98% of the voters in lockstep. This is what they were hired to do by your favorite industrialists and bankers that finance both factions. You are truly fogged over if you believe that politicians and their parties, funded by billionaires, can possibly bring about any reform to a system designed by their puppet masters. This includes the Greens and Libertarian Party. The wealth/power and the desire for it corrupts all.

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