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Comment Re:Asking them nicely will stop help? (Score 1, Insightful) 202

Oh please, stop with this 'cut off funding' crap. It's a tear drop in the ocean. Most of NSA and CIA funding comes from the transport and sale of contraband, weapons, drugs, any other 'controlled' substance, and money laundering through the banks. Or do you actually believe that the Iran/Contra hearings put a stop to it? They are rogues in every sense of the word, and now they have the power to keep it going indefinitely.

Comment " can't defy Economics" (Score 1) 2

The corruption, no. None of these problems arise from government 'opposition' to capitalism. To the contrary, the evidence of collusion is overwhelming, like what is happening in the republican/democratic tag team. The government, being nothing more than than a lap dog to business, is simply stealing our money for them. I believe your name for it is 'stimulus' or the much more poetic 'quantitative easing', not to mention war and empire, but I just did. And your Allen West, et al are in it just as much as the rest, so save your breath on those a-holes. Regulation isn't the problem, corruption is, and your boys are neck deep doing a nice relaxing backstroke along with all the others You just couldn't have it more backwards. Truly a case of wag the dog. Ah, shit, here I am again trying to lead a horse to the water. Forget it. You are happily living in your cultural attic, pining for a fairy tale past that never existed, while the house burns. "Tom cruise, come out of the closet"

Comment Re:USA! USA! USA! (Score 1) 362

Who wants an empire?

An emperor, or a wannabe. As long as anybody can draw up a big enough army they will have one.

I don't.

Doesn't matter. You will either live in an empire or its colony. Choose the most benevolent one you can. That's just the way things will stay for the foreseeable future.

Who are we at war with?

Cold or hot, competing empires have been at war throughout all of history, each one replaced by or morphed into another. The natural desire for domination is not going anywhere, and war is its natural state.

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