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Comment Harsher penalties, that's the ticket (Score 3, Insightful) 101

You know, because it works so well, it has completely wiped out the drug trade, and there's no more murders now with our fancy death penalty. Prison for all! Lock 'em up before they commit the crime. That's even better. When you're born, it's straight to jail, until you have rehabilitated yourself.

Comment Re:mmmyeah..... (Score 1) 23

First, I don't agree.

Then you will fail in whatever it is you want to accomplish. That is absolutely, positively guaranteed. Military careerism is every bit as evil, if not more so, than that of the civilian public sector, too much power in too few hands. There is real danger there, and we (not you, of course, because you are swimming in it) are seeing it firsthand. There is no logical reason to have it. And those who desire such careers are the least qualified to have them. It is a downright psychotic desire for a lifetime of a privileged position above the rest of the population, just another aristocracy. Can't have it. Nope. It must go.

The question though is: 'If you are not the hegemon, then who?'

And so? You got an answer? Or do you approve?

Comment Re:Dope (Score 2) 301

I think it is unethical to continue releasing the data.

What, are you saying it is unethical to report a crime in progress? Are we just supposed to sit here and submit to these violations? Sorry bub, we need to apply the law to everybody if we are expected to show any respect for it. Besides, it turns out that these "terrorists" are business associates in our destabilization efforts in the Middle East and Africa.

Comment Re:mmmyeah..... (Score 1) 23

The basic fear is the demographic "threat"*. People are running around in a panic as if the coffee machine broke. They are scared of suddenly finding themselves on the wrong side of the tracks and the ensuing ancillary "benefits" of becoming... *gasp!*... a minority! This fear runs very deep, to the point of being biological in nature. And to some extent is justifiable, considering our animal instincts still run the show as the principle motivator. The new "dominants", if you will, are going to act the same way. The mere thought of becoming number 2 after all these centuries is... unthinkable..

*And if you are looking for the force behind the anti-abortion movement, this would be it. Obama's election suddenly brought it to the forefront, and is why the attacks have stepped up over the last few years.

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