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Comment Re:"Nearby star" (Score 1) 203

The 'insurmountable' doesn't exist. The impractical is a little different. And to me, without faster than light travel, dragging our meat bags around to 'nearby stars' does not seem practical. I will grant that only greed and politics prevent regular service to the moon, it is they that make it seem as distant as an extrasolar planet.

Comment Re:"Nearby star" (Score 1, Insightful) 203

Right now it doesn't matter if it were 1.5 light seconds away. We can't get there. It may as well be in another universe. By the time we can conveniently travel that far, the whole concept of distance will be meaningless. For the sake of argument, yes, 22 light years is closer than 13 billion, but for now, in practical terms, the distance is infinite. If you already bought your ticket, I would suggest you ask for a refund.

Comment Re:Missing Option -- a Stooge. (Score 1) 601

Or he could be a stooge for... the NSA. The PR hit is a trivial matter, and will have little to no effect on the election. It ensures that the the voters remain evenly divided so that no one faction of the party (crazy republicans on one side and evil democrats on the the other) dominates and becomes a direct focus of attention. Equilibrium is maintained.

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