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Comment Re:I thought that was always the goal (Score 1) 34

You know that you are perfectly welcome to live your heterosexual, monogamous life as you wish. You may not however dictate how others must live theirs. They have all the same rights to all the same benefits you are entitled to.

If you want to outlaw pot, then I want to outlaw farting in public and garlic/onion breath. I'll have to assume you have the same feeling about tobacco smoke, car exhaust, and napalm.

You got it all sideways. Nobody is forcing you into a homosexual marriage or to get an abortion, only that you respect people that do if you wish to be called a human being.

Comment Re:Modern morality (Score 1) 24

Actually, I'm on your side, on Federalist grounds, that the DOMA was daft.

That qualifier completely and utterly eviscerates all meaning from that statement. In fact, they are in direct opposition.

I also have precisely zero confidence whatsoever in that piece of work Holder, or the Voting Rights section of the DOJ, and concur with Thomas' remarks on that decision.

That only means you're still a fish who doesn't know what water is.

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