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Comment Re:I personally wouldn't trust (Score 1) 325

Yes, somebody still needs to watch over the system (I, too, believe a pilot should know how to fly an airplane), but basically it's hands off, and the numbers prove we are much better off for it. Check out the stats some time. We should all be pretty impressed considering how one little mistake can kill hundreds in a millisecond.

Comment Re:Protest all you want (Score 1) 138

Oh stop it... Anybody who was half awake knew that Obama was no different from the rest. And when he confirmed it, he was reelected anyway. People sleep through the elections like they do in between them, and wait for their choices to be hand fed, so screw them. It's their own damn fault when 98% of them vote for the status quo. People have to look beyond the propaganda. If they don't, then there is little, if any hope. Nobody is going to do it for them. We are on our own here, and it's best to get wise to that if you want to see any progress at all. Try testing the system before crying about it being broken. And understand the foibles of majority rule.

Comment Re:And the peices fall into place (Score 1) 185

Yeah right, they are putting a gun to your heads and forcing you to vote for their candidates. I wish you people could hear yourselves. I don't know if you would laugh or cry. Your 'only one extremely painful solution' is complete bullshit. Why don't you go visit Egypt or Syria or Somalia to see what that looks like? You haven't even begun to test the system you have at your disposal. So save your breath.

Comment Protest all you want (Score 3, Insightful) 138

But unless you vote for different people, and vote them out when they screw up, you will accomplish nothing. They won't be spoon fed to you by mass media. You have to seek them out, and vote them in. There is no other peaceful alternative. They will have you shooting at each other while they laugh all the way to the bank. That's your global, gangster run politics in a nutshell.

Comment Re:Hysterical Quote from Legislator (Score 1) 321

You honestly believe the PMs are really upset? Please... these people are trying to keep their jobs. They get all populist and stuff, then go about business as usual when all the 'furor' dies down. Then they will vote again for even worse laws and repeat the cycle. Jesus! This stuff is as old as the hills, and the voters swallow it up, over and over. However, if you're enjoying the charade, then by all means, carry on. Who am I to argue with fools?

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