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Comment Re:The "good old days".. (Score 1) 314

All that progress and yet people seem to be about as uninformed as ever. In some cases they are worse off since the opinions of charlatans and cranks are more available than ever. We'll leave the tendency of people to avoid unpleasant facts for another time.

:-) Yes, we've noticed...

Comment Re:The "good old days".. (Score 1) 314

Ha! You have it so wrong. When I 'research' a topic, I go to the bar and place some bets. The damn internet destroyed that business.

And if it takes minutes for your answers to show up on Google or Wikipedia, then you should complain to your service provider about latency issues.

Comment Re:Among the modern paradoxes (Score 1) 17

Well, let's see... You "cheerfully voted for Virginia's Constitutional Amendment..." that upholds the grand tradition of centuries of suppression of the right to a business contract (that being what marriage is) by a certain group of people you disapprove of. It's a classic case of that thing you so vehemently deny.

Now I have to ask, is this little infinite loop an intentional distraction, or are you just becoming more forgetful?

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