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Comment Re:Among the modern paradoxes (Score 1) 17

Well, let's see... You "cheerfully voted for Virginia's Constitutional Amendment..." that upholds the grand tradition of centuries of suppression of the right to a business contract (that being what marriage is) by a certain group of people you disapprove of. It's a classic case of that thing you so vehemently deny.

Now I have to ask, is this little infinite loop an intentional distraction, or are you just becoming more forgetful?

Comment Re:Illegal power without Constitutional authority (Score 1) 180

Business is the government. Business writes the rules and governments use violence and brutal force, murder and various 'legal' means to enforce those rules. And with business controlling our money, we are subject to hundreds of trillions of dollars of fraud and extreme poverty. Yes, government is a problem, when it is corrupted by prurient business interests.. And let's not mince meat, state run capitalism of the old communist regimes was a business.

Comment Re:Among the modern paradoxes (Score 1) 17

AND YET, you haven't offered any useful alternative formulation for why we are here.

I have no need to. It is nothing but a masturbatory exercise for the idle mind when the stomach is full and Mr. Happy content. It's not essential to anything, only part of cultural superstition to assert authority.

Comment Re:As a concerned Canadian (Score 2) 180

How would you suggest these people be punished?

Chain gang... Oh, seriously? Loss of their position and benefits and forfeiture of other assets and income would be sufficient. Maybe the word 'thief' tattooed on their forehead... I'd rather make them face the stares and curses of the people they betray.

*What's the best way to get revenge against a rich man? Make him a poor man.*

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