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Comment Re:8 letters (Score 1) 46

You offered points based on press releases, not facts. You base your beliefs on the person making the statements without bothering to verify. When Bush lied us into war in Iraq and Afghanistan you were all gung ho. Obviously you are part of the cult of personality. Like Reagan said, "Facts are stupid things". And since you worship him, you take that as biblical truth.

You're right. No one is fooled by your BS. The pretender is you!

Comment Re:The Surveillance State is now official (Score 1) 510

Unfortunately though that's the cost of democracy, it means we don't get our way as a minority, even if we genuinely believe that what we believe makes more sense.

That's the failure of democracy and why it is unsuitable for proper governance. It is unacceptable to let 51% rule over the other 49. Dictatorship by the majority is no better than a dictatorship by an individual. It's merely less efficient.

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