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Comment Re:If leftists actually influenced US politics... (Score 1) 28

He doesn't mean liberty. He means 'liberty'. The liberty of the private, exclusive club and the liberty of 'knowing your place', liberty filtered by cultural constraints, liberty as framed by the peephole he is peering through, liberty defined by post civil war reconstruction in America. Real liberty is anarchy, and everybody hates that.

Comment Re:I read the link (Score 1) 28

Putin makes a few omissions--e.g. he doesn't mention the weapons supplied to the Syrian government by foreign powers (such as Russia).

Of course he doesn't. He does have a dog in this race. What's at stake here isn't chump change.

If he's serving anybody their own dog food, it's the proponents of American exceptionalism, particularly as expressed by the notion that the US is somewhat qualified or entitled to act as unilateral world policeman.

That was my take on it. A perfectly valid message that just happened to come from the 'wrong guy'. The irony does not go unnoticed. I have already forgotten the word we used to use before the term 'trolling' was invented, but both sides are 'exceptional' in that department, consummate professionals. That why they make the big bucks. The real story doesn't get much airplay.

Comment Re:I read the link (Score 1) 28

Both spew the same crap for their respective bosses. Both wear/wore the red nose when asked. Reagan, about 'liberty'*, Putin, about diplomacy.

* like you, as defined by your cultural distortion field, as opposed to actual, universal liberty. This of course clarifies why you, in trying to prop up your facade, would believe that I'm 'punting'.

Comment Re:If leftists actually influenced US politics... (Score 1) 28

"our experiment in self-government"

Please, tell us when and where this has ever existed. Even more interesting would be evidence of these "universal principles of liberty and equality". Europe is crowded. The US is not. It's pretty easy to lay low and hole up, and still do very well. That's the difference between them. Wide open spaces, land of opportunity, that's what sets them apart. The idealism is just that and nothing more. A wonderful piece of propaganda that still serves today, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Sure is fun to kill the messenger, and vilify the message, isn't it? In fact there's no better way to kill the message. It comes from the 'wrong' guy. Nice trick, like the whole thing was planned that way. Rudy Wanderone couldn't have played a better game himself.

Comment I read the link (Score 1) 28

Pure rant with no argument. Sure is fun to watch authoritarians bicker with each other. Putin did, and is doing the 'system' a big favor, propping up the facade, and saving face for all involved. It breaths new life into its 'credibility'. It pacified the protesters. I would like to meet the producers and directors of this little show.

Comment Re:What a scam (Score 1) 166

I know how the 'economy' works. It's based on greed, and doing what you can to take out the competition. Customer 'value' is entirely subjective and subject to speculation which distorts the market. Price is fixed by the highest bidder who can buy in bulk. Price based on cost of production is precisely the opposite, and allows the customer to set a fair price, and opens up a much wider market and makes it more accessible. Knowing the cost of production allows us to set prices, not some ghost corporation that buys up inventory to inflate prices.

The games these people play use a different rule book than the one you're looking at. They collude, bribe. lobby, and even burn down their factories if the market becomes too saturated. All shortages are artificial, simply market manipulation.

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