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Comment Re:What a scam (Score 1) 166

I know how the 'economy' works. It's based on greed, and doing what you can to take out the competition. Customer 'value' is entirely subjective and subject to speculation which distorts the market. Price is fixed by the highest bidder who can buy in bulk. Price based on cost of production is precisely the opposite, and allows the customer to set a fair price, and opens up a much wider market and makes it more accessible. Knowing the cost of production allows us to set prices, not some ghost corporation that buys up inventory to inflate prices.

The games these people play use a different rule book than the one you're looking at. They collude, bribe. lobby, and even burn down their factories if the market becomes too saturated. All shortages are artificial, simply market manipulation.

Comment Re:What a scam (Score 1) 166

Yeah right, 99% of the complaints go straight to the round file. In the grownup world, things don't go like it says in your little schoolbook there. In the grownup world, you need fat cat connections to make things work at all. So please, save it. Better yet, you know where to put your patronizing bullshit.

Comment Re:What a scam (Score 1) 166

Figure out the human effort involved and work on that. "What the market will bear" means "How much can I rip a guy off without going to jail". If the margins are so low, why are the owners so rich? Consumers have to stand up and demand better accounting and pricing. Unfortunately they make up such a tiny part of the economy, there's no clout to be had. "Consumers" that make a difference are just other companies, and the massive amount of trade amongst them (in the same fashion car dealers swap inventory to make it look like a sale) is what sets the price we pay. Gotta find a way to scare them straight.

Comment Re:Their kid died (Score 1) 54

Any particular direction?

I have never blamed the 'leader' for the behavior of his followers. Not even the little general himself. Animal instinct is always much more powerful in the group, where the individual loses his mind, and effective leaders know how to direct those instincts. It's still not the leader's fault. He is merely exploiting a vulnerability. They prove that psychology is a science and show its biological, instinctive roots, some of the time, inadvertently, because some of them don't understand the mechanics either. They just know which buttons to push.

Alinsky, getting back to him, is running a business. Free market, remember? In the grand scheme, beware of the buyers... always. Idealism, it doesn't matter whose, may be good for business, but it really isn't good for the psyche. It inevitably ends in madness. To me it is self evident.

Comment Re:Storage. (Score 1) 232

...it's 27 seconds from 'off' to KDE login screen..

Yeah, I kinda remember it taking that long for the old Zenith TV to fire up. You know, we went to transistors so we could have instant on. What's up with that? Hell, now we got light bulbs that have to warm up. Well, at least these new cars start up in the wintertime. Don't have to spray the ether into the carb anymore.

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