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Comment Re:Snowden the Defector (Score 1) 237

Oh come on... You know this shit's gotta happen every so often. It helps to keep the war... alive! Now they can fatten up the budget a bit and build a nice new station (like the owners burning down their own restaurant to write off and collect the insurance), and who's gonna bitch about it? Who's gonna listen? There's big money out there. Everybody wants a piece of the pie.

Comment Re:I'll bite (Score 1) 5

"Process" is ongoing. It implies nothing of the sort. There is 'before' and 'after' with 'now' in between. Indeed it is you that must prove otherwise. As to where chemistry becomes biology (as if they were ever separate), the process remains undiscovered. But to claim a 'divinity' did it is no less absurd than any other theory out there. I'm not going to fret over it. When you know yourself, you will have your answer. Until then you are merely speculating, just like the rest of us. I know I'm talking to the hand, but your obsession with 'purpose' has you barking up the wrong tree. Simple laws of physics made you what you are today. You are an accretion of dust particles, a lily white snow flake that comes and goes on the slightest wind. Don't be so sanctimonious to think your so special before the creator. Arrogance is a sin.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 350

It's far more likely for them to figure out if there is anything they really care about in the data...

This is precisely the point of my OP. I really don't understand all the chatter that followed. The spooks are shooting in the dark (which is what this Miranda affair was, with all the grace of Inspector Clouseau) , which provides for more than a bit of good humored fun to keep the press busy with some fresh 'news'... They just want to know if they're chasing ghosts. It's not like there will be any long term effect on the system or anything.

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