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Journal Journal: The air is clearing... Ahhh, Van Nuys... 5

Instead of laws of action/reaction that govern this universe, that we live in, they* see everything in terms of reward and punishment, after you die! They won't live this life, and they don't want to let us either.. This also leads to their destructive incomprehension of consequences. They don't care the harm they cause, Something MUST be done!.. In the context of crowd control, its ongoing success cannot be doubted. It is an evolutionary process. We are nature with a good follo

Comment Re:Twisted "Justice" (Score 1) 491

But wait! There's more!

The 16 year old boy was tragic but not the target.

How the hell do you know that?? You got clearance to see the kill list? And besides, What difference does it make? Does it make him less dead?

Being unable to prove you believe what you post, you are not to be taken seriously..

Comment Re:Twisted "Justice" (Score 1) 491

The people pulling the trigger are the ONLY ones to blame. They are the very foundation of empire. A 'leader' is nothing. It's the (mindless)followers that are dangerous.

Also, your lack of empathy has been duly noted. Statistics mean absolutely nothing to the victims. Lucky you that you haven't yet become one.

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