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Comment Re:Think you have the right of it. (Score 1) 15

Getting back to the original post, the only real tradition marriage holds is that of property transfers. Your 'opinion' and your amendments represent a very short 'tradition'. And it is a very bigoted one based on superstitious beliefs. You have no right to decide what kinds of people can sign a binding contract. It is none of your business. Learn to butt out. Or learn to accept being called what you are.

Comment Re:Think you have the right of it. (Score 1) 15

You are a textbook case of distraction and obfuscation... and projection.

We tell the temperature by creating an 'absolute' zero. 0 is cold, 100 is hot. Where is the problem?

Since you didn't see it the first time, I will repeat it for you: ...if you voted to restrict the the right to a marriage contract to a specific group of people, then you are a bigot... There is no 'smear' in that statement. It is a mathematical truth. As absolute as man can produce. I'm not sure what the term is when it's systematic in a society (meaning you can be doing it unconsciously, which is usually the case, and so explains the defensiveness on your part), so 'bigot' has to do.

I cheerfully voted for Virginia's Constitutional Amendment that marriage means what it means a few years ago.

This is what I'm talking about. Your denial notwithstanding. The truth is not a smear.

Loving vs. Virginia - Look it up. It's not much of a stretch.

You keep on thinking I'm 'accusing' you of something (again the projection). That's not true. I'm simply reminding you that you are a follower of culture, acting as any other social animal does. We all motivated by exactly the same thing.

Actually I think you're reading too much Rand Paul, and not even the good stuff.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2, Insightful) 533

Does it really matter that this was done with explosives? Would you feel better if he stabbed 237 people to the same effect?

Gloria: "Do you know that sixty percent of all deaths in America are caused by guns?"

Archie: "Would it make you feel any better, little girl, if they was pushed out of windows?"

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