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Comment Re:And I should care? (Score 1) 55

Boy, does that sound like 'reputation management', or what? Right now Wall Street is extorting 45 billion (with a B) a month out of us, the taxpayers, and threatening to shut the whole thing down if the flow, I believe the phrase is, 'tapers off'. The 'financial markets' need to lose their privileged status of 'too big to stop'.

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Journal Journal: You've got it backwards there chap. 15

Get the churches out of marriage.

Marriage has historically always been a legal contract uniting two (or more) people, and not necessarily with consent. The function of the religious aspects of marriage are only to reinforce the seriousness of the legal contract. Historically marriage was used to share property, to end wars, to settle bets, and to buy goods. The history of marriage is property management. What part of that is religious?

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