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Journal Journal: Who is going to see Avatar [again or first time]?

Saw the original release and have the disk set (BluRay stays by the TV, the regular DVD is in my laptop). I am not one of those Avatar fans who is going to buy a 3D Television just to watch this movie when those disks come out (are they out yet? wasn't there a /. story about watching 3D on a good 2D HDTV?). I plan on seeing the re-release of Avatar this weekend, hopefully in 3D. Who is with me? Anybody planning on seeing it for the first time?
America Online

Journal Journal: Strange things afoot in Journaland

Seems the brawl from the saloon next door has spilled over into our fine establishment.. If you tip the doorman well, I'm sure you'll get a front row table..

And ladies, please! Use the spittoons..


Journal Journal: Olympic Class Marksmanship

His body had four bullet wounds to the head and one to the chest..

A trained monkey with a pistol is still infinitely more effective the frickin' sharks..

Comment Re:Liability caps (Score 1) 438

I use Standard Oil as the generic, like Kleenex.. But the fact is monopolies cannot survive on their own. They need an irresistible force of exclusive "rights" to prop them up.. The government is supposed to protect the competitors, but it does exactly the opposite, using things like "property rights", subsidies, tax breaks (to the point where some pay no tax), etc.

I most definitely believe that basic infrastructure is a government job. That's where society's pooled resources (taxes) are supposed to go..

Standard Oil was broken up in 1911...

Not really... "different board of directors? Bah! The stock holders didn't change. Collusion amongst the sisters never went away... It was just hidden a little deeper in the paperwork. Enough cross ownership is still allowed assured that it would be business as usual.. It, like BP (whose assets should have been seized a long time ago) remains as unaccountable as ever, as ExxonMobil.

A whole lot of regs would be completely unnecessary if the government did its job and kept everybody honest. No monopoly could ever survive real transparency.. And more than anything, exclusivity and secrecy are the real problem.. When I say I want an open market, I do mean open.. The so called libertarians just want to keep the shell game running. Don't mistake me for a bunch of rednecks who want to bring back domestic slave trading.

Comment Re:Yeah.. just a bunch of damn worthless pot heads (Score 1) 40

Are you focusing on that (and the "leftist" thing) to avoid the real issue I'm questioning? There are real property rights involved here, but for some reason I'm not getting a complete take on it from the people who make the most noise on the issue.. Seems to me that some people think it's ok for the feds regulate/prohibit things they personally find offensive, or simply don't involve them.. I'm very interested in this distinction..

Oh hey, remember that aquifer thingy? I mean, if you prefer, I'll let it go... Just another piece of the puzzle, that's all..

Comment It's one thing to be Bush (Score 1) 17

But even worse is being Bush while claiming he's not.. With every election cycle I say we can't do worse than the previous, and every time since 1964 I have been proven wrong. I remember how the they made fun of Bush Sr. for being a wimp, but clearly this guys takes the cake. I'm pretty sure this is all just throwing the election back to their tag team partner, the republicans.. or they're prepping Hillary's place in the sun. It's how they keep the power..

I bet offering triple pay to the crew would motivate them pretty nicely. The money has to come from BP. Speed is of the essence. Their accounts must be seized now, and fuck the lawyers, send in the fucking Marines to the banks, and tell them who's in charge, like Al Haig. Gotta do it now because the company is crashing, I believe intentionally, to make off with the goods. Expect a bankruptcy before anything reaches the courts, whose only real purpose will be to give them time to do just that.. Ah fuck it! I don't give a shit anymore..

Comment Yeah.. just a bunch of damn worthless pot heads... (Score 1) 40

Apparently some peoples' liberty is more important than others.. Funny that with all the complaints you have against overbearing government, prohibition that finances some of biggest crime syndicates in the whole world, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocents being dragged through the system ( a true case of institutionalized racism), foments a war that has killed tens of thousands more, etc, etc, etc, isn't one of them... But safety nets? They're teh eviiiil!!

The reasons given in your link are pretty silly (but maybe that was your intent? to make them look foolish?), but one reason to join a union is to pool legal and other resources, a pretty good reason in my book.

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