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Comment Re:One is a religion, the other a con scam (Score 5, Insightful) 540

"[Pablo] Escobar was a brilliant criminal, and he knew that he would be safer if the common people of Medellín loved him. Therefore, he spent millions on parks, schools, stadiums, churches and even housing for the poorest of Medellín’s inhabitants. His strategy worked: Escobar was beloved by the common people, who saw him as a local boy who had done well and was giving back to his community."

Comment Tragic (Score 1) 4

That your party went off the deep end with Nixon and Reagan with their dixiecrats and wacko evangelists. Sanity just wasn't in the cards for those people. It left us with lunacy vs. evil on reality TV. Oh well, at least we kept charisma in the white house.

Now, who here honestly thought this 'deal' wasn't gonna happen, precisely at the right moment? It was the media event of the year, and went exactly as scripted. It was a bit better planned than a simple drive-by. Like with the warrantless wiretapping, they've further legitimized the theft of our earned pensions while devaluing our currency.

Comment Re:Just Pathetic (Score 1) 98'll have to explain how legalization of marijuana would go against the interest of "big money".

Heh, prohibition has always been big business. All sorts of industries sprang up around it, private prisons being one of the bigger ones, and the smugglers themselves make enormous profits from it. They sure as hell don't want legalized weed. Then there's the alcohol and to a smaller extent the pharmaceutical industries. They would lose a lot of business. And the stuff makes pretty good bio-fuel. Don't want to step on big oil's toes. Paper and logging? Don't you dare!

Comment Re:Credit where due: that is lovely (Score 1) 24

From the beginning you tried to make the case... I was holding Obama to a different standard.

Oh, there's no doubt that you and Mr. Smith are doing that. Never heard word one during the previous regimes when they lied. And when another one of your favorite republicans gets in, you will, of course, do the same thing again while accusing the 'other' side of playing politics. It's inevitable. It's what all of you people on both sides do.

Anyway, you get last word, nice chattin' with ya

Comment Re:Just Pathetic (Score 1) 98

You reasons are why the voters are so pathetic that they depend on everything being spoon fed to them by mass media instead of seeking out a better person for the job. If they want congress to represent a different opinion, they have to vote for people that will do that and vote out those who don't. They have to learn to ignore the bling. It's pretty straightforward.

Comment Re:Credit where due: that is lovely (Score 1) 24

That's not downplaying. It was merely an observation of how the voters feel, with just a touch of sarcasm and ridicule towards them. They are the ones downplaying the lies and crimes with their votes. Plus, I wasn't singling out Obama. Politicians have to lie to win, and 98% of the voters approve. If they didn't, we would have an entirely different crowd in the capitol building and the white house. Even if the post could be considered 'downplaying', my vote sure can't be. I always 'waste' my vote on somebody else and watch the mainstreamers fight amongst themselves.

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