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Journal Journal: According to Hobby Lobby birth control and abortion are teh evil

But that's only if their employees might benefit. If their hedge funds benefit, well then, all bets are off. Any ruling in their favor would be most egregious, but will definitely prove that wealth/power does not concentrate in DC. It is funneled through on its way to business that owns it. This is how capitalism works, even in so-called "communist" countries. If these people are going to demand that their taxes match their "morals", they damn well better make sure their investments do the same.

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Journal Journal: There is no dichotomy between socialism and capitalism. 125

Socialist leaders are just as capitalist as Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim. They simply take a different route to profit, and not really all that different when you remove the layers of abstraction. All of them use the state to their advantage. They all need an army to protect their fortunes. "Communism" in China, or anywhere else is nothing but state run capitalism, kinda like watching closed circuit TV. I believe American/European capitalists would like the same thing. They want consumers, not competition. This would be their motivation to turn the internet into TV, for instance. They want concentration of property/wealth/power through mergers and acquisition. They do not want decentralization. That is just "chaos" to them. The market collective has just as much, if not more disdain for the individual. It's what the market will bear, not the person. They use the force of law (government) to steal our wages and pensions. Capitalists are collectivists. It is their power*, which manifests itself through government, that we must redistribute more evenly.

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Journal Journal: The plot thickens 3

Were they kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location? It's a Hollywood blockbuster in the making...

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Journal Journal: Y'all keep on saying this every time you get caught:: 2

"My actions are not indicative or illustrative of the conservative political philosophy of which I hold dear."

On the contrary sir, they are a perfect example of exactly that. It defines your "philosophy". It is its very essence, the core.

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Journal Journal: Full Stomach.. Empty Soul

Evidently that is what good nutrition leads to.. Yep, only you red noses can make that connection. How many other bullshit fables are you all making up at that little powwow you're having?

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Journal Journal: Bigotry... 5

Bigotry derived from religious principles is still bigotry...

The easy rejoinder is that conservatives believe in "smaller government" and a less coercive state, but that belief has never been a practical commitment, only a rhetorical strategy. The state grows under conservatives, and it grows under liberals. The difference is only a matter of emphasis, and frequently not even that. The truth is that these marriage traditionalists were perfectly content with state intervention in and support of their sacred institution when it hewed, more or less, to their membership requirements. Only when a bit of money and a bit of politicking rendered it a bit less restrictive, only then did those same agencies of the state become dangerous and a touch tyrannical.

See, I'm not the only one who knows what you people are up to.

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Journal Journal: Licio Lucchesi -

- called several of his... counterparts to "make sure everybody's in lock step with what we're doing and saying..."

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Journal Journal: "Oh goodness... 1

" can anyone stand to listen and or watch the politicians anymore?... Who in the world are these people? They look so weird and un-human. Where are they spawned? Why do we pay them any credence whatsoever?"

This definitely applies you people who think your tea party red noses will salivate you from dissentary.

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