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Journal Journal: The Reagan* worship is truly phenomenal (seen in the Jimmy Carter story**) 16

What is there that could make anyone admire this man? I mean aside from his public demeanor, appearance on the Dean Martin Roasts, and somewhat memorable Gorbachev jokes? And why would they offend Alzheimer sufferers by putting him on display like they did? His (okay, his handlers and 'contributors') dirty deals and military adventures are truly capital crimes, and the survivors from his administration should be behind bars until they are put into their graves. His term marked the end of the single income family, and the stolen money was given to Wall Street, and that legacy continues unabated, in fact it has accelerated many times over with his most prominent worshiper presently in the white house. The Reagan administration (though Nixon started it) used prohibition to mitigate the demographic threat, and it further destroyed families, while pumping up the value of one of his favorite industries. He didn't defeat the USSR, Ted Turner, bootleg satellite dishes, and decadent Western media did that. But if that truth were widely known, what would become of our even more decadent military budget that is stealing money from people who actually need it? Reagan is the very symbol of decadence and American arrogance, especially notable by the company he kept, and the history books should reflect that if they are to be considered credible. This cult of personality is causing great harm to us all.

*Obama too, which is actually a bit worse since he's still in office causing much damage...

**and from my slashdot friend

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Journal Journal: You've got it backwards there chap. 15

Get the churches out of marriage.

Marriage has historically always been a legal contract uniting two (or more) people, and not necessarily with consent. The function of the religious aspects of marriage are only to reinforce the seriousness of the legal contract. Historically marriage was used to share property, to end wars, to settle bets, and to buy goods. The history of marriage is property management. What part of that is religious?

That most marriages begin in a church does not make them a religious institution. Voting and town halls often happen in churches, yet no one seems to be demanding we get the government out of either of those and let the churches handle them. The argument that marriage should be left to the churches is an argument rooted firmly in historical ignorance. The church has no claim to marriage.

AC gets no resepct.

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Journal Journal: Comedy Central called: 9

"These charges send a clear message... In the United States, you can't spy on people."

"The American people have the right to assume that their private documents will remain private and won't be collected by someone in the government for his own purposes."

"Only by bringing Mr. Snowden to justice can we safeguard the most precious of American rights: privacy"...

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Journal Journal: Bush or Blair 5

I don't know who had the greater desire to go to Iraq. Either way, it looks like Blair was blackmailed into it, which had him begging for Bush to put up the muscle. Or maybe Bush (by 'Bush', I mean his staff/handlers) was doing the blackmailing. Hard to tell, but there is a story here, in addition to the phone hacking scandal, that makes the NSA thing look like just another day at the office. His whole attitude about the war is so much more understandable now. Is this what they meant by 'sex up the intelligence'? A DNA test will go a long way into settling this.

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Journal Journal: People, please. 1

Before posting JEs and comments, for the love of all that is good in this universe, run it through notepad, or your favorite plain text editor to get rid of things that don't render.. You know, like 'smart' quotes and apostrophes. Don't make reading so painful

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Journal Journal: 2014 5

That's when the war in Afghanistan will be officially privatized, and Obama can safely say he brought the troops home. But the war will continue... with your money and efforts.

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