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Comment Re:Capitalism. (Score 1) 81

Let's take a page from the RIAA book.

Let's introduce a fee for each transaction and part of the fee goes to the company whose stock is changing hands.
After all, if the company did not have any stock, the person seling it would not be making any money. By making its stock available, the company is allowing the stockholder to profit, therefore the company should be able to profit as well.
The fee would add to the company capital.

Comment Re:Headers (Score 1) 562

Moron, You are measuring two different things.

Look at it like a pipe providing your house with water.
Following your example, When they tell you speeds of 25 Megabits per second, They are telling you the CAPACITY of the pipe to transfer data, in other words, how wide the pipe is. It is like 25galon per minute vs 5 galon per minute. The wider the pipe, they faster they can transfer water to your house. On the other hand, when they tell you 5GB per month, they are not talking of CAPACITY but VOLUME. That is how many GB total.

Think of it like filling a lawn pool. The pool can hold up to 5GB of data. And you can fill it up with a hose that can transfer 25MB per second. You can use a larger or a smaller hose, but once your pool is filled up with the 5GB of data, it is filled up, you have to wait for next month (another empty pool).
The telco is trying to profit two ways: by selling you a larger hose and by selling you a larger pool. It used to be that they would only sell you a larger hose and you could fill up any pool-size you wanted to. Now they are limiting your pool size too.

I know, it sucks.


Comment Re:Intensely idiotic (Score 1) 127

In contrast to those that buy law to get what they want

This is so ignorant its not even funny. Copyright has been recognized by the US since its founding (its in the constitution, article 2 I believe).

If I recall correctly, US did not recognize English copyrights until late in the 20th centurh (ask Mark Twian and Oscar Wilde about it, they complained a lot about it)

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Is Panama about to pass the Worst Copyright Law in History in the world? (

Pepebuho writes: Enjoy Hadopi? Panama is about to one-up them with a new Copyright Law. According to this Law, (Law bill 510 The Law gives new powers to the DGDA (Dirección Geneal de Derechos de Autor, an administrative office) to fine you up to $100k regardless of any other criminal/civil action against you (Article 157). Second, You are assumed Guilty unless you can demonstrate your innocence (Art. 157) Also, the "guilty" party has to pay a publication in the media to tell everyone about what a rotten pirate they are. (Reminds me of the tale about the Chinese charging the family of the deceased for the bullets of the firing squad)
Worse, the proceedings of the fine does not go to the injured Authors, it goes to the DGDA and its employees (Art. 153). But we know it won't be abused, right?

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