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Comment Hell No! (Score 1) 683

Hell! No!!!!

What are they thinking about?

If they remove that, then they should have a display with a list and version of all components of Firefox available.

How am I going to figure out what kind of version I have when I arrive at a system I haven't touched before?

This is incredible dumb!


Submission + - Swiss proprietary companies block government open (

Pepebuho writes: "orts from Switzerland say that proprietary software companies are complaining about government plans to release open source solutions it has developed on the grounds of cross subsidy. A report from OSOR.EU says the issue emerged early in July as the IT department of the Swiss federal court was planning to release OpenJustitia"
United Kingdom

Submission + - UK to legalise ripping CDs and DVDs (

AmiMoJo writes: "The government is poised to announce the legalisation of ripping media for personal use as it accepts some of the recommendations of the wide-ranging Hargreaves Review of UK copyright law. As well as legalising "format shifting", it also suggested relaxing rules on parody and creating an agency to licence copyrighted content."

Submission + - SPAM: asthma in children

julesmarshals writes: Childhood asthma may be caused by domestic animals and climate change. Asthma in children can be severe if the provider is negligent. Also make sure your child is supervised during use of inhalers and asthma medications. Your child can lead a normal life if they adhere to the treatment of asthma and keep the inhaler on hand at all times.
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Comment Turkish Delight (Remember Narnia!) (Score 3, Insightful) 152

This offer of Free games sounds just like Turkish Delights in Narnia. Steam does not care about the games, it is all about extending the DRM'd platform. The more people use Steam (and Steam's DRM) the more Steam can tell developers that to reach a sizeable market they have to be part of Steam and use Steam's DRM.

It's all about the platform and its network effects. The larger the platform, the more relevant it becomes, the worse off we will be (as someone who decided NOT to purchase Civ V just because it uses Steam's DRM.

Submission + - Blender 2.57 released and it's easy to use! (

An anonymous reader writes: Past Blender releases, as capable as they were, had learning curves somewhere between straight up and down and 90 degrees. The release of Blender 2.57 changes all that. No longer are simple features "non discoverable". It has more or less a completely redesigned user interface that is clean, sensible and newbie friendly (hey, I'm using it!). It has a handy tab interface for Actions/Properties such as Render, Scene, World and Object etc. Plus, it's fast and CPU friendly. I'm running the official Blender standalone binary on Fedora 14, with 2GB RAM , Radeon X1300 (free drivers) and a cheap CPU Intel duel e2200. No more more slow GUI, no more 100% unexplained CPU, just great stuff. Kudos to all who made this possible.

Comment Re:Duh... (Score 1) 328

It used to be that Data was kept on PAPER. Huge reams of paper gave you the incentive to get rid of it every certain time else you would need to purchase expensive real state to save it. Nowadays that data exist on hard drives who get cheaper every month.

It will be very difficult to devise a law to encourage people to get rid of data effectively. .

Submission + - ISP profits from divulging customer information (

An anonymous reader writes: Cryptome has published a confidential contract (pdf format) between an ISP (British Sky Broadcasting) and a Spanish music composer (Andes Gunnar Ballinas Olsson) in which the composer provides the ISP a list of IP addresses engaged in copyright infringement and the ISP provides names and addresses.

The ISP gets paid per IP address. For less than 1,000 IP addresses, the price is £65 per IP address.

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