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Comment Buy a rowing machine (Score 1) 1806

[from ]

Mail order for $800.00 from Concept II []

Rowing is low-impact, aerobic, and you can start
as slowly as you like. 30 mins a day while you
listen to the radio, watch TV, or just ponder your
latest bug.

The unit I mentioned above is suitable for
beginners through elite athletes.

Definite nerd appeal with a USB connection and
a wireless heart monitor. Lots of builtin
stats and uses a plug-in memory card.
Regenerative power means a D-cell lasts years.

I'm on my 2nd rowing machine (the first was
a competitor but it did last a dozen years
and thousands of kms). I'm about to hit 1000
km on this one.

No other $800 piece of exercise equipment will
dissipate enough energy (without self-destructing)
to give you a decent workout. You'd have to
drop more than $3K to get a treadmill anywhere
neare as durable. And getting on your feet to
walk/run requires a lot more motivation than
sitting down on the rower.


Canada's Wayne Crookes Sues the Net 200

newtley writes "Wayne Crookes, the Green Party of Canada's ex-financier, is in effect trying to sue the Internet. He's going after the Wikipedia, Google, and (run up by federal Green Party activist Michael Pilling) claiming he's suffered, 'an immense amount of frustration and emotional distress' over postings. Some 15 others may also have been targeted. "Mr. Crookes seems to be 'trying to unwrite history,' Pilling says. 'He was a central figure in the growth of the Green Party. His actions were highly controversial and if we have freedom of speech in this country, people should be allowed to talk about them.'" Newtley adds in a posting submitted 121 minutes later: "Literally 15 minutes after I posted [the foregoing], there was a knock on my door. It was a writ server telling me I, too, have been named in a lawsuit launched by Wayne Crookes..."

Submission + - Bill Gates 1989 Talk at Waterloo

mdkess writes: "Back in 1989, Mr. Gates came to the University of Waterloo to give a talk about Microsoft. This talk was recorded and lost in the depths of the University's Computer Science Club's office until its recent rediscovery. We digitalized it for your enjoyment. In this talk, Bill discusses his role as a developer in the early days of Microsoft, and his views on the future of Microsoft. He even touches on the now famous 640K."

Submission + - 1989 Bill Gates Talk on Microsoft

Holden Karau writes: "NewsForge has an article on a recently recovered talk Bill Gates gave back in 1989 to the University of Waterloo. Among other things, Bill talks about how in 1981, he thought that 640k would be ok for at least 10 years. Is this the source of the oft quoted Gates quote on 640k? He also covers lots of other topics, including OS/2, software piracy, the history of the software industry, and his role at Microsoft."

Submission + - Bill Gates Talks about 640k (1989)

Andareed writes: It seems that there might finally be proof of Bill Gates statement about how "640k ought to be enough for anybody". NewsForge has an article about a talk given by Bill Gates in 1989. Bill Gates apparently let slip that in 1981 he figured 640k would be good enough for the next 10 years.

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