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Comment Re:I still use old XMMS that is like Winamp. (Score 1) 152

Do you use pulseaudio or alsa-server? then you're already running a "front end over a daemon". hell, if you're running a kernel audio module (and i'd bet you are) you're running some front end over something that behaves (except for some techno-lawyering) just like a daemon. Your disgust is, in my humble opinion, misplaced.

As a broader hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn polemic: folks that fancy themselves as techies (most slashdot commentors?) would do themselves a favor in education not to become so rigidly married to GUIs. GUIs are handy for a specific class of tasks typically involving many choices taken from relatively small sets; but in the background they're essentially, often actually, performing what a single line of "Ugh" command-line would do. ...end of sermon, now run off and program a glitzy interface over some crusty old code.

Comment Linux Journal Readers Choice?? that settles that (Score 3, Insightful) 378

Can there be a more experienced and deeply wise plebiscite? of course not! The matter is therefore once and for all time resolved - erledigt. Gnome tre has won the Linux Journal Readers' Choice award! which awards exactly what you ask? hah! if you must ask that then you know nothing *nothing*. Gnome III thereby takes it over all comers in all categories for all time, better than OS/X Lion, better than Meryl Streep, better than sliced bread -- selah. now we can get on with our sad little lives concerning ourselves over lesser matters.

Have Walled Gardens Killed the Personal Computer? 848

theodp writes "Harvard Law School Prof Jonathan Zittrain explains in The Personal Computer is Dead why you should be afraid — very afraid — of the snowballing replicability of the App Store Model. 'If we allow ourselves to be lulled into satisfaction with walled gardens,' warns Zittrain, 'we'll miss out on innovations to which the gardeners object, and we'll set ourselves up for censorship of code and content that was previously impossible. We need some angry nerds.' Searchblog's John Battelle, who's also solidly in the tear-down-this-walled-garden camp, adds: 'I'm not a nerd, quite, but I'm sure angry.'"

Comment Often it's because they're proxy slave-drivers (Score 1) 960

Fat cat CEO/boss/owner wants to maximize the profit margin; and doesn't want anyone to be doing anything that might be less than utterly devoted to that goal.
Fat cat CEO doesn't want to be troubled with the technical side of that goal, so established a proxy slave-driver: the IT department
Folks don't like proxy slave-driver.
surprise! ...?

next-up: Fat cat CEO doesn't like bothering to fire or hire people. why-oh-why do people fear/hate the HR department?

Comment plasma or plasma (Score 5, Informative) 43

Perhaps someone else wondered (given that this is an article about microbiology) if the "plasmas" in the summary is of the 'blood plasma' sort or rather the ionized gas sort. You may save yourself a click: it's the latter; and its function is mostly to sterilize to sample space. Now as to the ease of subsequent sterile access to the bag, versus a dish with a lid, i leave that to the imagination of the gloved and harried lab tech.

(http://www.etymonline.com/ plasma 1712, "form, shape" (earlier plasm, 1620), from L.L. plasma, from Gk. plasma "something molded or created," from plassein "to mold," originally "to spread thin," from PIE *plath-yein, from base *pele- "flat, to spread" (see plane (1)). Sense of "liquid part of blood" is from 1845; that of "ionized gas" is 1928)


No Windows 8 Plot To Lock Out Linux 548

First time accepted submitter Bucky24 writes "ZDNet's Ed Bott decided to contact major PC makers to find out the truth about Windows 8 SecureBoot. The responses are encouraging for those of us who run third party operating systems. Dell plans to have a BIOS switch to allow SecureBoot to be disabled, and HP assures us that they will allow consumers to make their own choice as to what operating system to run, though they have not given details as to how."

Comment first such equation which measures? (Score 1) 222

a team of chemical engineers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have defined an equation that measures a compound's hydrophobic character. It's the first such equation of its kind.

Perhaps there's an escape via language lawyerism via "of its kind" but for decades there has been software to estimate the hydrophobicity of small molecules and (relying on even more approximations) proteins. Underlying that software are scores of "equations" that use tables of atomic and molecular fragment parameters of electronegativity and polarizability to calculate 'not bad' estimates of molecular hydrophobicity.

And while i'll quibble about "the first such equation"; i really think most folks should quibble over "defined an equation that measures", people armed with instruments "measure", equations 'calculate an estimate'. ok, now: hey you kids get off my lawn!

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