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Comment Video and Voice... (Score 1) 175

A chat and email solution is one aspect.

But we humans can convey more information via spoken language and mimics. An audio and video connection for interacting with the team member across the globe is important.

Use IM with integrated Audio and Video, and which enables desktop sharing for collaborative working.

To stitch further the sense of a team despite of the distance, you can extend the office with the view of the other offices' common room filmed from a camera onto a video wall. Of course there is a privacy issue, and not everybody is comfortable with it. It is worth a try

When do we get the connected rooms across several rooms from Dan Simmons' Hyperion???

Comment Issue of storing electricity (Score 1) 450

An issue that needs to be solved is the storage of electricity, as sunlight is available only during the day. Although it is not addressed in the article, the issue stays. One proven technology is hydroelectric storage using dams in the Atlas or in continental Europe. But the capacity is not high enough. But in any way, the Desertec is definitely a alternative to fossil fuels.

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