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Comment Wow.... (Score 1) 10

Unfortunately, yet not suprisingly this is the next town over from my hometown. Practically only seperated by the Wal-mart (Which was the highlight of the times, when it was built).

Oh Louisiana, sometimes I'm glad I'm not there anymore.

The officer quoted in the story my my DARE officer. Small world, the little town of Boutte, LA made it on /. What is the world coming to?

Comment Re:Zombies at 1600 Pennsylvania (Score 1) 44

I'd like to see this map as well. That'd be a good survival map, or perhaps your trying to escape via the tunnels, or make it out to the helicopter pad where Marine One lands.

Could even be a fun new playmode like the VIP mode like in Counter Strike. (Protect the president from Zombies! [Note: no particular president is mentioned. Don't turn it into a political rant]

Comment 19 Million dollar Camel plan? (Score 1) 29

I have a plan for how to utilize that money:

1: Purchase numerous guns and plenty of ammunition
2: Purchase airfare to locale with several other friends
3: ?
4: Profit! (Approximately 18 million dollars worth, easily)

(3 by the way is shoot a crap load of camels)

Comment Re:Bide your time (Score 1) 1006

I agree, this double standard between industry and the home user has to stop. IT professionals should stand up and notify their companies when there may be questions as to the validity of software.

How liable is the IT professional if that organization comes in a does an audit and finds the company with numerous violations? Does the IT guy get held responsible?

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