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Comment Re: Good Grief (Score 1) 248

Great. US style capitalism screws up pretty much everything it touches these days, and now one of those who've benefited from that wants to use public resources to give him private property.


What other kind of economic environment do you want to live in? One where I simply take everything from you at gunpoint and then dribble back barely enough for you to live from day to day as my slave?

I read it as an assertion that this was an example of that kind of behavior.

Comment Re:No, but the Age of Information will. (Score 1) 90

If I can't get be post-paid for my work, hoping to build an audience and further fund my career, why would anyone know who I (or any other author) was in order to know if they wanted to pay them in advance? I couldn't wast time trying to become an author. Or a musician. Or painter.

You don't have to jump straight into writing books, or painting murals. You could begin with lesser works, and build a reputation.

Of course I have other options in this world. Since I have no legal protections for my work, I'm sure outfits will pop up offering to distribute it wrapped up so tight in DRM that piracy wouldn't be much of an issue.

They have to offer the work at a price which the customer is willing to pay, and the conditions are part of the payment. People are not going to dance the hokey pokey to see a movie. They'll see a different movie, or read a book, or fuck.

Comment Re:Fuck off (Score 1) 337

You steal my personal data, sell it to someone else who uses that data to commit crimes, you are a dangerous person.

That's not what most hackers do, though. Also, prison is for violent criminals. People who represent a clear, immediate danger to others. People who you can not deal with any way but murdering them or locking them up.

Comment Re:depends where you live (Score 1) 567

In some places there is no requirement for slower traffic to drive in the right hand lane.

I think you mean legal requirement. You're always required to drive in the non-passing lane lest you be an asshole. You're only legally required to let people pass in some places. And in most places, you won't get ticketed even if a cop has to pass you on the right.

Comment Re:How many humans does the farm require? (Score 1) 65

Both have problems. The first is pretty much laying the seeds of a violent revolution and causing misery for no good reason but the glorification of elites, many of whom will have done little more than inherited their status. The second would create a permanent hedonistic class with no need for education nor pride in the value of work

Uh, we have that already. I don't know if you've noticed, but you can live much better in this country on minimum wage than you can making the median wage in a lot of other countries. And we already have a bunch of people who do nothing in their spare time but watch shitty TV, drink shitty beer, and fuck. Sounds like low-level, low-brow hedonism to me. It requires neither education nor pride.

As long as people have to work for luxuries, some people will work.

Comment Re:They pop up and notify me they are running. (Score 0) 243

I removed my facebook app, because my phone would buzz once or twice a day on random posts from 'friends' I barely know. Words With Friends kept buzzing with pointless notifications too. In short, if I can't just forget I have it and use it when i want, then I'll uninstall it.

Have you considered leaving your phone pressed against your taint?

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