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Comment Re:Another KKR debacle (Score 1) 143

according to KKR

"Would characterize dividend as not being safe because it is merely a function of income that the company generates on a quarterly basis. It goes up and down depending on whether they are capitalizing any deals. This quarter will probably have a very nice dividend because they just sold a position in Alliance Boots to Walgreens. Trades at a very reasonable price."

In other news godaddy is still having problems. They weren't relaying emails from a website I have with them, I complained and the whole godaddy went down. Maybe I caused it? Am I anonymous?

They would relay emails to my gmail address, but not to my local ISP.

Comment I'm Canadian (Score 5, Insightful) 500

It gives the little old men and ladies a nice part time job for a while, and good times are had by all. I used to think that computer voting would be better but now that I've seen it in action, I'm glad we stuck to hand counting. Also it's fun watching the result get tallied, it's not instant so there is some buildup/drama.

Voting as entertainment and job market. :)

Comment Re:I find this hard to believe (Score 4, Insightful) 148

The problem is that it's telco's that are required to retain the info for 2 years. If you've worked at any ISP you know that anyone with any access can look at anything. So suppose your significant other got scammed into buying diamond earrings, and thinking that it was a secure website, posted all her delivery info and credit card info.
You've got 2 years of possible problems.
So suppose you get into a rant about some silly online argument with ImATroll and then the guy who's name is ImATroll is murdered. Who in the last two years had problems with him.
So suppose you supported the liberal cause last year, but this year they are being stupid. Expect plenty of phone calls and emails asking for your continued support....

Yeah the examples are silly and off the cuff, but you get the idea.

Comment In the future (Score 1) 108

This tech is worrisome, and awesome.
It's awesome because it will help with all sorts of diseases, It's worrisome because it can be hacked.

In the future viruses will be more serious.
Imagine getting an email stating that your heart now has a new virus, please send $1000 to a numbered account or you will have a heart attack. And of course when you open the email, your heart starts pumping faster.... was it because of the virus or the possible virus.

Comment Must be a slow news week. (Score 3, Funny) 311

After looking up skeuomorphic and realizing that it meant current designs that reflect the original designs where the current design is cosmetic, and the original was practical I realized that this is a very stupid article.

Apple is progressively moving towards fewer and fewer button.
Windows are doing their windows 8 thing.
Ubuntu was a 1 hour try before giving up on their unity interface.
Kde is still my favourite. (It's like the Rolls Royce of UI IMHO)
Gnome is the kid who never get's used but always gets installed.

What does this have to do with maintaining cosmetic designs I have no idea. I think the guy picked a word out of a hat in order to get a link to postman deliver aps spot on the front page.
Good job...

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