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Comment Re:More than you can provide or articulate (Score 2) 264

It seems to me that every time RMS has had an opinion on something it has been validated some time in the future. That's not to say that his solutions have been validated, just the problems he has pointed out. Every single problem that he has stated an opinion on, has come to haunt us. An almost always he is described as a crackpot when he states his opinions. I think RMS is one of the true visionaries in the world, he sees the future and suggests ways to avoid it. Sometimes his views are followed with great success (gnu/linux for example) Other times they are ignored, (copyright and patent problems stated way back when have been a thorn in the side of many software developers).

Comment Re:Things like this... (Score 1) 289

I don't believe that Canada has less protection for freedom of speech. Maybe lately, because they've been following the lead of the states. But to give a historical perspective, Canada had a communist party decades before the US would allow it. They were never voted in, but they were allowed to run. (free speech and all). Canada has never nationalized gold (The US has twice), Canada has never locked up a group of people because of race. (Negroes, American Indians, and Asian for the US). Canada has never shot protesters. They've locked them up recently but they were let go later. The US has songs about it:

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

The Americans are tend to give Christian religions a free pass, but anything else is under very tight scrutiny. Less so in Canada.

Americans in general give great lip service to free speech but compared to Canada it's not as free. Then again, Canada isn't as free as it's lip service either.

Comment QT makes for big apps (Score 1) 86

I'm sorry to say that in trying out QT a hello world app involves over 10 megabytes. (I remember doing it in Dos with only 16 or so bytes). Of course it's doing a lot of graphics etc, but if you've got to port the qt system and all the supporting libraries over it will be substantial.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. (I would love to be mistaken about this).

Comment I'm no longer a member (Score 2) 92

After they spammed my gmail address book with invites. The request page to do this, looks just like the log in page, so thinking that they need your password to log in you end up spamming mailing lists and people you haven't talked to in years.

I'm not the only one,

Submission + - DoJ Answers FOIA Request After Six Years With No Real Information (

An anonymous reader writes: In response to a Freedom of Information Act request about Google's 2007 complaint against Windows Vista search interference, the Department of Justice has after six years released 114 partially redacted pages and 60 full pages of material. Yet these "responsive documents" consist of public news articles and email boilerplate. All the substantive information has been blacked out.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 242

Some silly Linux thing eh? Let's translate it into cars, as we are on slashdot.

You can no longer use brand X gas in your car you must use brand Y. You're okay with that, right?
But you can no longer use wheels on your car and you have a problem with that.

You forget that some of us paid close to $1000 when it first came out, with the understanding that it could play games, do it's sony thing, play blueray disks, and run Linux.

So I deserve some of that original money back. I don't like being held up for about $200 worth of functionality. You might be okay with that, but then again plenty of people don't mind being smacked in the face once in a while. I for one, DO NOT ACCEPT the Sony overlords.

Comment If Randi is reading this, (Score 1) 217

I've got a question that I didn't think of to ask in time for the interview.
Have you ever gone into a situation where you thought you would be debunking something only to find out that the person was on the level?

I'm thinking if a debunker had heard of penicillin (being cured of small pox by using bread mold!?!) he would have been able to cast dispersions on Fleming etc. Is there ever a case where you were debunking actual advancement and decided that it didn't need to be debunked after all?

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